Capricorn August 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-07-26, 3748 views

This August will bring you two important episodes, that will in turn influence what you decide to do in the near future. It may be something highly personal, most likely pertaining to your love life but for you, it will seem as if the matter can be discussed with others as well.

You are very aware of the support you have around you and it seems that you won’t hesitate to use it. At the same time, perhaps these moments will be quite revealing in terms of some aspects of your personality and you will grow more confident.

Some native may hear news from abroad and will be quite ecstatic about what is being communicated. Other than this, you will feel this urge to do things and try something new.

Creativity at its best

Around the 5th, you might want to take advantage of an occasion to travel, even if it is not going to be too far away. The likelihood is that you will be joined by a friend and things can even turn out to be fun.

Use your creativity if you are required to do particular tasks but try not to exaggerate, as there may be consequences to your actions and you surely don’t want to deal with that.

You are bringing new vibes everywhere you go but at the same time, you also risk saying things that are not necessarily appropriate and that people may frown upon.

Returning to your creative capacity, it seems that those natives who are in the writing business, are going to feel the benefits most.


After the 10th, a significant proportion of your thoughts will take quite a material turn and you will focus a lot on what you can receive from others but very little on what you can do for your peers. You are happy to help if asked to officially, but otherwise, you sort of turn a blind eye.

This is turn may mean bad karma for you so don’t be surprised if things stop turning out as you would like them to.

Some natives will feel the need to make a drastic change in their personal life and most who are in this situation will probably turn to their partners. Expectations may be quite high during this period. Also, you may find it hard to adapt to other people’s demands.

Expansion time

During the second half of the month, there may be some chances for you to expand you work, either by taking on a new project or something similar.

You will have to fight your way towards that though because it seems that at first, you might be overlooked for this opportunity. If you get in the game, you can fight with equal opportunities but before that, there isn’t much you can do.

Some gossip at work might keep you aside as well, perhaps because you realize that you are not really liked by everyone. This doesn’t necessarily come as a shock but it is not something pleasant either.

Preparing for the best

You may have to go public with a certain aspect of your life after the 25th, either that it has to do with your love life or with your lifestyle choices. You will be quite proud of yourself and will show this openly.

Again, there may be some criticism that you will have to face but overall, the mood seems to be in your favor. Some natives may have to travel on a related note.

This will mean that a lot of preparation will probably take place. Although at first you may feel overwhelmed by this, you will eventually ease into what you have to do and consider it something very normal.

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