Capricorn August 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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Who should you trust to help you accomplish your stellar goals this August? Well, the answer is simple, it is actually just yourself. It’s not like you won’t benefit from the support of those around, on the contrary, there will be people who will surprise you with the amount of help they could offer.

But you need to really temper this need of yours and to try and find your own solutions because, on the long term, this will value a lot more for yourself.

This is a great period for all sort of romantic activities, although you may need a lot of courage to go on an escapade. There will be days in which you will simply wish to sit in bed or do nothing but there will be other days in which you will pressure your loved one to accompany you to chase all sorts.

Whilst the prognosis may be positive in regard to financial aspects, especially if you have worked hard to get to where you are now, there is a bit of a risk of ambiguity, so you may want to carefully navigate any negotiations or anything that has to do with investments and parting with hard earned money.


Enhance! This August may get you to ask yourself a few questions about the direction in which your professional life is headed. There is this clarity and objectivity about you that will ensure you don’t stray from what you are set to accomplish.

Emotional aspects

The Mars square Uranus aspect debuting on the 1st of August will set out the tone of your actions for the next weeks. You are bold and trust your instincts but may not be as motivated as you usually are.

There is a tendency to question everything that comes your way, which may also get you in trouble with some people, even ones of authority, which ultimately may put some obstacles on your path.

Also, it may be that you are drawn to easy fixes and will try to think of all sort of shortcuts that can minimize your effort. This disposition may also predict some disruption in your life, especially if you are not playing by the rules.

The Sun square Jupiter aspect occurring on the 6th will also strengthen your confidence but its most important benefit in your life is the fact that it makes you be a lot more optimistic about your plans. However, this is not to say you are going to launch yourself in any risky businesses, on the contrary, you are going to be even more cautious than usual with your money.


Astrological aspect of the month: Social contact and taking time to be close to those you love will be your main priorities under the Venus trine Mars aspect debuting on the 7th, and as a consequence, your popularity will also increase.

Around the 8th of the month you may find that you don’t need to put too much effort into communicating your messages and that there will be several instances where there will be an almost instant understanding between you and others. This is also courtesy of the Sun conjunct Mercury aspect, which may also bring some travel opportunities your way.

Mercury appears to be very active in your life during August, as on the 11th it moves into a squaring position with Jupiter, reminding you of the need for empathy and kindness in your life. The cheerful Jupiter will not allow greed or bad wishes in your life.


Watch out! The only word of caution due to the Mercury retrograde transit, refers to the fact that you may suffer from some lack of concentration during this period and that you will be easily distracted, especially by emotional matters.

Relaxation time is up

Right after the middle point of August, you will find yourself under the Mercury Venus sextile, a fun-loving disposition that will help you relax. You may also find that you are a lot more sociable than usual and that you are craving to spend time with your friends.

It may be that you plan some sort of escapade in the 18-19th weekend and contrary to your usual behaviour, you will not be very stressed that everything goes perfectly and will enjoy yourself.

Basically, under this disposition you get to relax your behaviour and simply take some things as they are. This will of course surprise those dear to you who will flock around you to benefit from this great mood of yours.


TOP TIP of the month: Some natives will be kinder to people whom they may have been holding a grudge against so this is a really good time to re-build some bridges that have been burned in the past.

What better way of ending August in style than with an optimistic disposition that keeps the energy flowing and that has the prospect to positively influence your romantic life? Well, this is exactly what is happening under the Mercury square Jupiter aspect taking place on the 28th.

This is a period that promotes returning to your original feelings and of attempts to lighten up your relationship.

It may be that both you and your loved one have been inundated with all sort of responsibilities and chores lately and this is finally that moment when you can take some time just for yourself.

Not a bad moment to think about what you want to accomplish in September, as a couple and on your own. On the romantic side of things, you might be surprised by your partner with a small but significant gift.

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