Capricorn August 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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The world is entirely a place for joy this August for you, dear Capricorn. It is recommended to enjoy yourself, whatever you may be doing, and get rid of nerves and impulses especially at work.

The first half of the month you will be very meticulous and calm but this will soon be replaced by the enthusiasm of trying to get as many things done as possible in the shortest time. And so, during the second half of August you will sort of rush into decisions.

This month you also seem to have the courage to discuss intimate problems without taboo. You need to strengthen anything that has been bent by previous discussions in your relationship.

With a little perseverance you can get many things in your life back on track this month. But don’t let some successes get to your head because your luck could turn any second.

Socially, you may have an occasion, towards the end of August, to showcase your talents and impress your entourage or even rekindle a hobby you have been taking so much pleasure from practicing.

August highlights

Those born in Capricorn harmonize their partnership relationships, manage to capitalize on their talents and strengths, perhaps some that they’ve neglected lately.

And who knows, perhaps it is even beneficial for you to expose yourself to some very challenging experiences, in order to achieve some kind of personal fulfilment. Some natives may resort to extensive travel with the purpose to find themselves.

Beware of tricky thoughts at the start of the month because your mind is kind of wandering and you might be more envious or even jealous than usual. It will feel like everyone is having it easier than you.

Beware of tensions at home too, especially if some family members are already on holiday and are not very considerate towards those who are still working.

You are all about being spontaneous and will try to surprise those close with small gestures, especially around the 18th, when you seem to be in a great mood.

You are also very comfortable in your entourage and are trying to attract new friends through your open attitude.

In the course of or around the 21st you may be required to travel and you should pay extra attention to what you are packing, not to forge something you might need.

The last week of August marks a period of concessions and compromise, you are kinder to everyone, yourself included. You take things slowly and try to voluntarily moderate your expectations. This will definitely ensure that harmony is blooming around you.

Capricorn love horoscope for August 2019

There’s no more hiding behind the finger this month so August is a perfect time to deal with intimacy, issues of mutual trust in the couple, shared resources management and to establish a new ability to relate to a deeper level.

In this period, most Capricorns will be seeking serious relationships, become more eager for emotional interaction, and will be ready to reveal their more sensitive, more passionate side.

You encourage closeness and prefer to leave other aspects of your life on the back burner, just to make sure that your partner knows you only have eyes for them.

And once you are set to prove something, you won’t be stopped by anything, as it will be proven around the 20th, with a romantic gesture from your side.

During the second half of August, you can rejoice, as older conflicts will likely be left behind and new horizons will open up. You trust your intuition and will prefer to follow it, thus taking your sentimental relation to a deeper stage.

From another perspective, it can be said that many couples enter a period of transformation, resettlement, which will continue into the Autumn.

Single Capricorns looking for love tend to think and change their minds, especially after the 24th and they will find it very hard to settle, even if they are quite pleased with what the cat has dragged in their love lives.

Career progress this month

It appears that this August puts emphasis on collaborations, teamwork, alliances and contracts.

With Venus and Mercury helping you out in your new initiatives, you can be as bold and daring as you like. It’s a great time to draft contracts and negotiations. Your clients will be pleased with the work you do for them and, who knows, perhaps better contracts will be renewed.

The second part of the month highlights the area of ​​finance and business of Capricorns. It's got to do with extra income, gifts and other material benefits.

You could enter profitable collaborations, increase yours or the partner’s earnings too, and you can unexpectedly make an investment you've been thinking about for a long time.

Saturn, the governing planet of Capricorn, might make you a little distracted, which means you do not enjoy the same resilience as in other years, so when other stressful transits appear, you might not feel as strong as you used to.

For example, towards the end of the month, a situation at work that you would otherwise overlook, will consume your nerves and energy, making you quite moody and irritable.

Health and wellbeing

From a health and wellbeing point of view, this is going to be an easy month. Opportunities seem to pop up at your door, and you have the ability to capitalize on everything now! Your relationships with friends will be noticed and recognized, so you can expect serious fun times.

Simply, success is at your feet. Pay attention to health issues and try to spend more time with loved ones to avoid misunderstandings that may arise in the future due to lack of communication.

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