Capricorn December 2015 Horoscope

By Iulia Trandafir on 2015-11-22, 6425 views

Diplomacy cuts both ways as the Capricorn December monthly horoscope shows. Having Mars in Libra on the career area in your chart is like fighting for a better position using the ‘’weapon’’ of diplomacy.

It sounds promising, saving that the planets form aspects with the Black Moon and Uranus, the Well, the consequences of those tense encounters can be, first, a temptation to make whatever compromises you think your position requires and the diplomacy justifies and, second, sudden developments meant to prove you that too many compromises can only diminish the chances of a partnership you expected to be of help in your career.

Adapting beliefs is compulsory for your well-being

Especially in the first half of December, challenging planetary connections involving Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces will put you to tests on your capacity to adapt to changes occurring around you or in the world.

And the main barrier seems to be your mental rigidity that might push you towards making discriminating judgements. Another barrier could be a great difficulty in getting yourselves together and, therefore, you might express in a doubtful and confusing manner.

What you can do is to take advantage of the time around December 11 in order to shape your highest beliefs counting on tolerance above all.

Auspicious times ahead

But not the entire month is so full of tests and challenges. The third decade of December brings along trines and sextils involving your signs, along with a full moon having impact on your relationships (marriage, collaboration, alliances).

At bottom, you will enjoy nice chances in case that you engage yourselves in practical projects based on systematized and cautious estimations.

An important issue around December 25 is your need for belonging that might motivate you to build the most solid ground for your relationship. It could be about making it official or supporting it through long term acquisitions meant to provide safety.

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