Capricorn December 2016 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-11-20, 3465 views

Someone has more than good words to say about you and it seems that this will actually turn into an opportunity of some kind this December. Don’t look to desperate or as if you are waiting for something to happen, though. Enjoy your free time, especially that spent with your family.

You get the chance to be more indulgent with yourself, not only when it comes to bad habits but also in regard to spending. If you have worked hard during the year, and you are probably the best person to quantify this, then don’t be too shy when it comes to gift buying.

Some natives might find themselves in a romantic situation, with an interesting someone capturing their attention. They are advised not to insist too much because it may not necessarily be the right time to action but they surely need to hang on to that new connection.

With others

The first few days will predominantly be spent around your family, just like the last days so this will feel like a circle of some kind. You should mimic this in other activities of yours and try to finish what you start.

It may be that at times you are too excited with some things and lose track of time or even of your own role in the situation. If this happens while you work in a group, this may lead to discussions, some of which you will definitely not enjoy.

It is also plausible for some efforts of yours to be recognized and a sum of money, some kind of bonus to be directed towards you. Although this is a reason to rejoice, you might also feel a bit of pressure, especially in regards to what to do with it, given the period of the year.

Adapting to the new

And when this happens, you need to remind yourself that you are master over your decisions and although others won’t be happy, if they are from the family, they will probably understand. And speaking of others, you are not welcoming with people you don’t know and prefer to stay in your comfort zone.

Around the 10th, some unexpected turn of events will get you to work more than you wanted to but even with this, you tend to find something good. Also, an occasion to find reasons to celebrate as your friends will be more open than usual to going out in a large, organized group.

But don’t trick yourself that you are very convincing or a great organizer because around the middle of the month, you might actually be proven the opposite, as Mars steps in to show what it is capable of.

Being tired

As the 18th is getting closer, you will feel as if someone is against you and will be suspicious of so many people. The person who will most likely suffer most of this is probably your partner. Tone this down because even if your senses are right, you can’t really prove anything.

If someone is really trying to undermine you, they are doing it in a very smart way and it will take you a while to uncover that, a time in which you will be considered the dramatic one. Mind your own business because only by focusing on what you can do best is how you overcome anything.

Other than this, practical matters will keep you busy around Christmas times so during the holidays you might actually be too worn out to really enjoy celebrating anything. Those who are travelling on this occasion should be very careful on the roads, especially if they are also tired.

Having the words about you

While some may be preparing for the New Year, you prefer to pay bossy and direct people around. But it seems that you have quite the leadership skills and most will actually listen. It may also be because you sound really reassuring.

But don’t imagine you can take advantage of this beyond because the moment you try to be sneaky, everything will stop functioning. It is more of a question of karma and the purpose for which you are trying to do something.

Communications of all kind are benefited so perhaps this won’t be a bad time to enter in contact with people you haven’t spoken with in a while. There is no need to rekindle some sort of relationship, just try to be nice and say something more than hello and happy holidays.

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