Capricorn December 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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With Christmas just around the corner, Capricorns need to be patient. They mustn’t rush things because the most important thing for them now is rest. No other month is better for relaxation than December.

People in your surroundings will appreciate your for being by their side, so you will sooner rather than later realize that work is not everything.

Relationships are important for your happiness too, so stop worrying about career for a while. Get involved in conversations and have fun with your loved ones.

The Horoscope says you should spend December with your family, as this will make you feel great. Stay around them and give more attention to your partner. Capricorns will also get the chance to reflect and make new year resolutions. Their goals are going to be achieved.

December 2020 Highlights

Your ruler Saturn will leave your sign together with Jupiter, making you more serious and responsible, also stronger and capable of standing on your own 2 feet. Give yourself a restart before entering 2021.

Capricorns will have a look at their relationship, trying to figure out if it’s a burden for them or not. In case they happen to be with someone who never takes the initiative, nor does he or she wants to progress, they will have their enthusiasm running out.

In spite of this situation, their year’s end will still be a big party, a time period in which they’ll feel satisfied and as if things are in order on their life. Jupiter entering their sign will bring them many benefits.

Capricorns will be determined to make their dreams come true, so any interference with their plans is going to be eliminated. They will try their best to make their partner happy. December will be a rather contradictory month for them.

Mercury and Saturn in Sagittarius is going to cause restlessness. At least they will be positively stimulated after, when Mercury will enter Capricorn. Mars in Libra is going to be exhausted, but at least it will help them feel like they’re having fun when they’re trying to overcome problems.

With the holidays ahead, they will take more care of their loved ones. The gentle Venus in Scorpio is going to ignite their heart and have them looking for meaningful connections, whereas Mars in Libra will make them more passionate, sometimes eager to fight. However, this doesn’t mean they won’t be loving.

Capricorn Love Horoscope for December

You will not make love a priority this year’s end. Harmonious with your constellation, Venus in the sign of Scorpio until December 15th will favor friendships.

Starting with the 16th, Venus will be in Sagittarous, inspiring you to discover secrets. Mars will increase your libido, but love won’t be at all easy for you. You will have a better time with your friends than with your partner, but the next month, things will improve.

Your married life won’t suffer, but you may feel the need to spend more time alone. In case you’re married to someone fragile, then Mars can start conflicts for domination at home.

Be humorous and a diplomat if you want to escape difficult situations. Until the 16th, Venus in Scorpio will favor meetings with friends. Mars will have you doing anything in your power to not seem weak. Your friends need to understand you’re being cold as a form of defence.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Professional opportunities will be sent your way by Jupiter in Virgo, so you can achieve great success in career. However, you must also pay attention to your relationships, because Mars in Libra will make you restless, impulsive and more aggressive.

This is why Capricorns are going to be more criticizing. Neptune in Pisces will help you make things right by making communication easier, whereas Mercury in Capricorn will help your collaborations improve. The period of uncertainty is going to end, you will have more money and change the way you work.

Goats will receive all sort of new opportunities, complete their projects, and gain a lot of recognition for their efforts, gaining more money too. Thinking about the future will bring great changes their way. It’s important they take on any proposal they come across.

From the 4th and until the 23rd, they may encounter some problems with paperwork, business meetings and trips, also transactions. More than anything, Capricorns need to be active.

If scared about their future, they’ll remain completely paralyzed. Luckily, things will change in mid-December, wand they’ll become able to make up for any wasted time.

If they want things to give the results they’re expecting, it’s important that they build strong foundations. Virgos will help them turn every stone, whereas Libras will handle interpersonal relationships for them.

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