Capricorn December 2022 Monthly Horoscope

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The planets will be setting the stage in the month of December, so it will seem as if Christmas has arrived earlier. You will make some more room in your life for having fun. Ever since the 6th, you will be starting a pleasant period.

As far as your obligations go, you will decide to bring things at a truce, meaning your body, as well as your spirit, will get the rest they very much deserve. As of late, you have been realizing that you have put your own priorities first for too long and above family life, and this didn’t come easy to the people who love you.

Therefore, you decide to make a change. Returning to basics is going to seem more appropriate, though? Look at things in a different manner, as this will certainly lead to making a few compromises to which you are open to make. Show that you are flexible, and you will feel as if doing something important.

December 2022 Highlights

Your sign belongs to the Earth element, Earth being the element of practicality, is going to become stronger on December 8th , returning to normal around the 22nd. If you delay Christmas shopping for a while, then you might save some good money. This means you will no longer be that voice that cries out all alone, but someone with fast opinions, a person who has acknowledged and justified comments to make.

The planets marching into your chart’s Eastern sector will reach a peak, so your self-esteem and self-confidence are going to become stronger with every day that will pass. Maybe it will be a good thing that the planet Saturn will be retrograding, as this will bring about some insecure feelings.

In case Saturn would have been in direct movement, then you would have become that person that no one can stand. Keep in mind what has been discussed during the past month. Go for what’s best and make it possible for your dreams to be manifested on planet Earth. Things will be only in your power.

Until December 22nd, most planets will be above your sign’s horizon, yet balanced in the upper half and the lower one. External ambitions and profession will remain to be very important. However, their importance will decrease, time in which your wish to have domestic and emotional tranquility will be reinforced. This month will have the effect of a rocker.

You will sometimes be leaning in one direction, whereas other times in a different one. This is a month in which there will be a planetary cube with the planet Jupiter and the planet Saturn at the handle. These two represent just how you will be lifting your entire life and therefore, the other parts of the cube.

By personal transformation, being spiritual, keeping your body healthy and your image at its peak, you are going to elevate not only yourself, but also the circumstances in which you find yourself to be. Your 12th House of spirituality will continue to remain powerful right until December 22nd.

Remember what has been discussed during the past month. It would be good for you to no longer be so much out in the world, to experience with your overdeveloped dream life, and to enjoy the extrasensory sensations that you have. There will be even deeper parts in your mind asking for your attention, as to announce you that they exist.

Your planet of family will be traveling with the planet Venus for the entire month of December, indicating that you have the desire to redecorate your home and make it more beautiful so that you and your loved ones organize parties and gatherings.

However, pay attention to not spend too much on what you need for redecoration, and neither to borrow anything. There will be many disagreements on the financial sector, disagreements that won’t be slowing down your prosperity, yet they will create tensions. It will be possible to improve family life if you foster the team spirit, as well as by modernizing the technology you have at home.

However, make sure to not spend too much. This is a reminder. Financial disagreements will complicate a love affair. Love will be active and important on December 20th and the 21st, when there will be the Moon turning into the handle of the astral cube that was just mentioned.

Capricorn Love Horoscope for December

When it comes to love, you will be serene and have no problem with accepting what decisions others have made. It can be said that you’re going to be expressing what you are feeling, trying to prove what you believe in. Starting with the 7th, you will be available to those you love.

While surprising, this will have the effect that you are looking for. Without being too passionate or having too many intense feelings, the relationship between you and your partner will still be good. There will be complicity, respect and harmony in between you two.

You won’t be suffocating, and the personal space will be respected. It would be a good idea for you to have more interest in finding a soulmate. You can be difficult from time to time, not to mention selective, and this doesn’t make it quite possible for you to find someone.

Drop some barriers and things might work. Goats, fearful and introverted in nature as far as communicating their feelings and loving goes, can find more warmth and increased support in the other person. Therefore, those of them who are in love with them or their spouses, are going to feel that they’re being understood and happy with the intimate desires of their other half.

Single Capricorns, in case they want to, can be with someone, as they’re going to encounter all sorts of seductive and sensual people who will conquer their hearts in no time. With these people met, they will start understanding how important it is for them to let go and allow their feelings to flow.

You will need to be more understanding and forgiving with the people in the family as a result. The presence of Mars shows how the native is assuming the proactive attitude to any event, helping other people to escape the past’s shadows and be happier, living in harmony with others.

It should be noted that with the planet Uranus in the 5th House of Capricorn, there will be family friction, especially between parents and their children. However, this might also be a good opportunity for you to identify differences with others and have a more productive relationship.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Those working in a relationship of dependency will have responsibilities overwhelming them. This will be encouraging if they want to display their working method and the practical gifts that they have. In case they do that, then they’re going to be performing in an excellent manner.

Their action’s consequence will be a salary increase and obtaining recognition. Don’t let any of these opportunities become obscure by arguing with superiors, as this won’t lead to any good. Those who are self-employed will receive their best chances to progress, especially if someone encourages them to accept new proposals and face the changes coming their way.

Saturn is promoting a visions that’s strategic when it comes to managing the available resources, as Jupiter arriving in this astral map’s sector on the 19th represents a really big increase in investments and income.

Remember that on the 21st, there will be a great conjunction between the planets Jupiter and Saturn, and this takes place once after each 20 years, pointing out to the keys you need in order to expand from a financial point of view.

At work, remember that the planet Uranus is generating frustration as a result of the creative blocks happening, and also delays when it comes to launching projects that are personal.

While with the start of the 2nd week you will have rebellious love intentions, at least interpreted as rebellious, you will still be gradually increasing the business aspect of your life. The Universe will be by your side, especially starting with mid-month.

Your Wellbeing This Month

Any change in attitude will cause internal tension that, if they aren’t calmed, can affect the health of the joints and bones, which are vulnerable for Capricorns. Aside from consulting a traditional medical practitioner, you should try some alternative therapies as well.

For example, massage and acupuncture work wonders. Chromotherapy is also relaxing, not to mention that it helps you have plenty of increased energy. Some gentle gymnastics and sports that aren’t rough might heal you as well.

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