Capricorn February 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-01-23, 2959 views

Surprisingly enough you will be able to experience this February on your own terms and the stars won’t really interfere in your plans if you are motivated enough to pursue them. So basically the key to a peaceful month would be to carry everything with a lot of confidence and strength and to go the extra mile whenever you really want something.

Enjoying the silence

A calm and peaceful beginning of the month which should be easily replicated the following days as well. For some natives this quietness might seem like a sign of storm but it is only their imagination playing tricks most likely.

This is why most people don’t seem to get nice things, because they tend to see the bad in everything they are given. However, this might also come with a price indeed but definitely not something you wouldn’t be willing or able to pay.

In exchange for lack of agitation and for personal time, work is going to enter into some sort of freeze mode for you and you’ll probably get on and about with your mundane activities and nothing else.

For those in charge of courageous projects and stressed by deadlines this might bring a bit of a strain, but only till they actually understand that things are being done, it’s just this is happening in a different time frame. Mercury is going to help you a bit with exchanges and whatever messages you will have to deliver but nothing out of the ordinary overall.

Putting on a show

Emotionally speaking the middle of the month will catch you in a different place, with Venus pulling some strings in this direction.

This means you will be a lot more open to discussions and to compromise so if your partner is wise and intuitive enough to catch up with this, you will be made to promise all kinds of things. And of course you will abide by everything, all in the name of love.

Even the single natives are going to be a lot nicer and helpful with everyone else and lack their usual selfishness and frustration to the bitterness of life.

Venus tries to bring happiness and a lot of humor into your life and you should be enjoying this, you like yourself and those you surround yourself with and it is a great time to be in your shows.

The more you smile, the more attractive you are and then I hope there is no more need to tell you how opportunities usually prefer people with a good sense of humor and an open perspective.

Disguised opportunities

If I were in your place I would use this month for a bit of meditation and to make future plans, but I mean real plans, to pin point your exact expectations from 2016. You know that they say January it’s just the trial month and you start fresh in February. Maybe you should take this as a motto in your activities as well.

What might prevent you from reaching a real spiritual side might be related to the importance you are giving to the material in your life and the worries than don’t cease to daunt you no matter how good things might be going or how stable work might be.

You might be offered the occasion to spend time with someone who has similar life perspectives with you and although you will be put in contact by a completely different occasion you will probably end up talking about a lot other things.

They might even help you reach closure in regards to a matter that has been on your mind for a while now and although they won’t be specific about it, you will be able to read between the lines.

Some conclusions

Mars brings some sort of negotiation in the game as well, whether you are actively participating at it or just taking part, another occasion for you to compare your own ideas and activities to those of others.

There isn’t anything of real importance to be depending on you and going closer to the 20th you will finally realize this and from then on, your days are going to be a mix of entertainment, relaxation and a bit of sorrow at the thought of what others have to deal with. Don’t take things for granted because who knows what is expecting you during this Spring.

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