Capricorn February 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-01-22, 3616 views

If it is to be fair with you, this is not going to be one of your best months in terms of focus and motivation. It may be that you have braved through the whole of January and now you are starting to feel a bit of the burn out bite.

This might sound a bit brutal but better to know it in advance, right? This means you are advised to make sure you don’t leave things for the last minute, in hope of the great inspiration. You might end up giving up on them entirely.

If you want to do a marathon of some kind, look towards sport ones not work ones. Luckily, your disinterest won’t be felt in the paycheck as well, even if you are more dependent on the amount of work than the hours in.

Some changes

The real surprise comes later on though, with people in the office not seemingly noticing your behavior and looking at you with more admiration then they have in a long while.

This would be a great time to ask for their help and get stuff done but, remember, you won’t really be in the mood. You will find other ways to dedicate your attention to them, in some cases even going out with friends from work.

Saying the money situation doesn’t change is a bit of an understatement. Although no raises are happening, you are actually in the position to pay off some debt or get rid of something else that was on your shoulders, most likely house related, and this will make you feel very good about yourself.

Keep going on

That good, that you might start promising stuff here and there. Beware of going all in with this, especially to children in the family, because they will be the first to hold you accountable for what you have said.

Some sort of family reunion, perhaps a wedding or a party organized by distant relatives is going to give you a headache, not only in terms of what to wear, if to go at all, and the usual, but also in terms of how you are going to answer and if you are at all feeling in the mood to answer all those questions that are launched out there on these occasions.

What we would suggest, and so would Mercury, is to worry less about this and trust your capacity of improvising. Keep to yourself everything you want to keep to yourself and don’t feel in any way forced by anyone. And remember it is only a night or a short trip away.

On your own

By the way, those who have to travel this month, on this occasion or on another, should be careful on the road, and keep an eye on speed limits. Also limit your spending and make sure you have enough money with you in case something unexpected happens.

Around the 20th, you will feel this need to spend some time on your own, not really to meditate, but to come to terms with some things that have happened, since the year has started.

There may be some emotional stimuli around, that you will have to be very careful to. It is not like you are that easy to influence but your mood can fluctuate with no warning.

What you want and what you get

Towards the end of the month, you are somewhat prompted to spend more time around the house and less time outside, with friends. It won’t be something that you are forced to do but you will somehow feel compelled to make this choice.

This might make you insecure and feeling as if you don’t have control over yourself but you should take a closer look at your situation. Some things and choices, or maybe better said, compromises, are normal in life and there is no need to dramatize over them.

Not to mention the fact that, if there are any young children around, you need to show how composed and self-assured you actually are as a person, regardless of what is going on in your mind. You will probably struggle a bit with this break between mind and behavior.

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