Capricorn February 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-01-27, 8877 views

Powerful emotions this February as you try to navigate both your professional and personal life without making any compromises. There will be days in which you won’t get much rest but also days in which you will be too tired to react to anything.

The Venus square Jupiter transit is one that can potentially bring fun into your life and inhibit you from hard work.

You will find yourself more open to social challenges and a better communicator. If you don’t attempt to balance this newly found courage with some traditionalism in behavior, you may be in for a wild ride.

Where are all emotions headed

When being told that the planet of love, Venus, is entering a sign of individuality, inspiration and spiritual empowerment, i.e. Pisces, you would probably expect more than a bunch of quiet days.

But it seems that in your case, Sunday the 11th and the following days, are better spent in contemplation and planning for later on.

Venus’ influence will move your mind towards high expectations and the emotional fluidity of Pisces will function as a catalyst to your idealism. A lot will seem possible and you will have to steer away from starting endeavors that we are not really prepared for.

You are going to be more forceful in your romantic endeavors, in some cases lacking patience entirely. You will be seeking intellectual compatibility above everything else.

A vision for the future

At the new Moon in Aquarius, on the 15th, you will feel this need to pave your way for a long-term commitment. You want to feel safe in the future and are willing to sacrifice something from the present to obtain that.

You seem to understand that not all can be updated overnight and are willing to invest mental energy in small adaptations. On the other hand, Aquarius is the sign of visionary powers so trust your instincts and set up high future goals.

If you are in need of manpower, you may not find the right people straight away, but when you do, surely there will be a very strong sense of belonging in the team. This is one of those moments in which a stranger can become a friend for life.

Waiting to be cheered up

With Mars squaring Neptune, you may doubt your own abilities, especially when it comes to going after what you truly desire. This is why you may engage more with friends between the 17th and 20th, to harvest their support and energy.

Sensual aspects will also rule over your thoughts and you may find yourself guided by lust, even if this means exhibiting betraying behavior in one’s relationship. Will find it easier to immerse in a fantasy world and to seek trophy positions.

Your ability to think abstractly will give a great measure of how objective you truly are and this will be very much appreciated at work.

You are finding it easy to take analytical and comparative work. Your taste is refined in some areas but you still need to practice in others but it seems that you are going to blur the lines between the two so that you won’t be easily caught off guard.

In someone else’s shoes

You will spend the very last days of February under the Venus square Mars transit. This marks a time of balancing energies, of counting on your emotions and on acting without hesitation.

You may start questioning how compatible your behavior is with some of the personal values you have gathered over the years.

You will need to understand that, as a human being, you can only see part of the picture and the likelihood is that, the person in front of you, has a totally different perspective. Be polite and attentive, you may learn more than you would expect, even from people you don’t normally think much of.

The positive of this aspect is that you tend to act upon information really quick, thus minimizing the risk of complications. Tensions will only rise if you delay decisions in the family. Consult with everyone at each stage.

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