Capricorn February 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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If you want to stay in the favour of the stars this month you must openly express what is inside you and to avoid being cold or manipulative.

This is not to say that you are expected to be all lovey gooey given that Valentine’s day is this month but rather to create good relationships around you and to do your part in contributing to a feeling of harmony rather than one of coldness and individuality.

Your genius will help your loved ones, so your opinion will be highly valued and will support others. Work with your closest from the family, because it is also a good time to create bonds of trust.

Keep in mind the following

Some of the activities you will take part in this month may require a rather conservative approach from you and also the persistence to not give up on a task at the first sign of trouble or disappointment.

Weigh the situation carefully and if you are not sure and need advice, ask a member of your family. You not only get useful advice, but also understanding and some kind words.

Instead of searching for the soul and remembering what happened the night before, you should invest your mind in activities that can benefit others and show less selfishness, especially after the 20th of the month.

Around the 23rd the disposition favors the care for the body and of the image itself so this is the time to go to a spa, relax and reinvigorate. You will then be able to approach everything with a lot more calm and resilience.

Capricorn love horoscope for February

If Jupiter has been steadily increasing your resources, your ability to feel, your intuition for the past few months, be sure that Venus will heighten up the game this month and make you a lot more seductive than usual.

Your appetite for love is on the rise and this might strengthen the chances of a meaningful relationship blooming. It may even be that a current relationship is transforming into something a lot more exciting.

But there is also a case of mixed messages up there with the stars because whilst Venus is pushing you to experience as much as possible, Saturn invites you to step back and think about what you are doing.

This is why, some natives might enjoy their time but at the same time experience this nagging and unsettling feeling in the back of their minds.

You should discern between these conflicting emotions and make room for a bit of meditation, to come to terms with any subconscious concerns that are acting up these days.

In some cases, perhaps in the lives of natives whom have been in a couple for a while and need to take things to the next stage, there isn’t time for joking with love in February, but rather time for committing to something solid or not at all.

Single natives will play the romantic game but some of them may seem more interested in establishing their social position and taking advantage of the connections their date has.

So don’t forget that whilst Venus may bring excitement in your life, it will not prevent you from questioning yourself about the depth and legitimacy of your commitments in relation to the evolution of your romantic life.

Money and career highlights

The money may have been one of the biggest concerns for the sign of the Capricorn after the Christmas holidays and with the arrival of the new year.

But things appear to cool down and you are more focused on bringing value with what you do and also with engaging with different people.

The fact that you are not very worried about money will give you a well-deserved break and will get you in tune with your own thoughts.

Also, you may find that around the middle of the month you are calmer and more focused at work and really give your best.

For most natives, the lesson to learn during the second half of the month refers to understanding that some things are completely out of their control. This should help clear any further unease and make people cope better with pressuring situations.

Your health this February

Your mental health should be in the spotlight this month and you should be careful about the kind of thoughts you are nurturing. Thinking badly of others and being overly pessimistic are just examples of some very counter-productive habits.

Some natives may even find themselves jealous of others’ better relation with exercise or of their energy levels and zest for life. Rather than continue with the envy, perhaps they should be open and try to get advice from those people on how to improve their own condition.

Some stomach related nuisances may make you think twice about the food you prefer to eat towards the end of the month.

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