Capricorn February 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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The point of view this month is focused on your life priorities, personal income and values. Changes in this area continue to surface, but things seem to work magic for you.

Your intuition is very targeted, follow your ideas. Disagreements and restrictions at your home base could create a tension that will need to be clarified for the sake of harmony.

Cooperation will be necessary, as certain elements seem to be retained, leading to a lack of understanding. Your career seems to have taken off in the right direction, but uncertainty bothers you about money and a compensation issue.

February highlights

The horoscope suggests keeping calm in any situation in February. Your problems will be solved only with calm behavior. If you are too offensive, you risk unnecessarily. Athletes, whether professional or recreational, will do well during this period.

You would like more from the one next to you, and even make temporary measurements of the time intervals between the moments of tenderness and passionate love between you and you worry that they are getting longer.

It is not necessary to worry or to find that you do not occupy the same place in the heart of the other, although external factors may urge you to believe this. Be patient! You know how to be patient and to dedicate time to everything, you just have to be patient and love.

If you think positively you will discover that there is no deadlock that you cannot overcome, even when your feelings are in the middle.

As usual, at work this month is very busy, new people, new ideas, new events, all come to fill your agenda completely. You need to be careful in time and manage it meticulously so that you can remain efficient and productive.

The people you will meet this month are very different, as are their problems, which is why your focus should not be lacking and be careful, one of the meetings can bring you some great ideas.

Capricorn love horoscope for February 2020

February brings peace to the love life of many Capricorns. However, in older couples it is possible that there are tensions because a question from the past becomes current.

Venus, the planet that governs the house of Capricorn's love, transits the fourth house, that of family and hone, from the 7th onwards. Therefore, it can be said that love is the best soul dressing for Capricorns and brings a pleasant feeling of emotional stability and security.

In the last days of the month, conflicts may arise from jealousy or love rivalries, or because of the unfavorable influence of a friend who is either trying to turn you against the loved one or is suing them.

In couples there is no big deal, on the contrary. The New Moon occurring on the 23rd comes with good news, with very fruitful exchanges of ideas and with solutions for a better management of the common budget or for the purchase of a loan.

If lately there have been communication problems in the couple, the energy of the New Moon helps you find new ways of dialogue and renew a conversation with a person who interests you.

Professional life and money

For you, this month is a time full of emotions. You feel better alone, so you avoid contact with others and invest your energy in work, which you will enjoy so much that it seems like a source of fun.

Your problems will now be solved only by assertive behaviours. If you are too aggressive, you will often feel offended and risk a lot. Try not to take things too personally, especially during the third week of the month.

On a financial level, after the 17th you must be very careful about what you are signing. This is because you do not benefit from signing new employment contracts. If you are employed, you could take advantage of Mercury's retrograde period to renegotiate your employment contract but think twice before you speak.

Health and wellbeing

As for health, you don't have to complain in February. With Mars in Capricorn, you enjoy endurance and work power and have excellent resilience.

Take advantage of the first two weeks of the month to sort out any older medical problems and get in touch with the required specialists. From the 17th onwards, pay attention to errors and misdiagnosis because Mercury could be playing up.

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