Capricorn Horoscope 2019: Key Yearly Predictions

By Denise on 2018-04-23, 16016 views

Capricorns are going to do very well this New Year. Full of challenges and difficult situations in which they will have to use everything at their disposal to win, 2019 brings them more than just that.

It also enables them to adapt to stressful and increasingly complicated tasks, which in the end helps a lot, for obvious reasons. Saturn and Pluto are responsible for such a busy-body period, after all.

Having so many opportunities at your disposal really makes it wasteful not to take advantage of them. And with the drive and confidence that you receive from Jupiter, you need to do just that.

Getting over limitations and fears, and actually using this chance to make it to the top are two different things, two different attitudes. You manage to do both at an incredible and efficient pace, making others wonder what happened that turned you into such a daring and resolute person.

Capricorn love horoscope 2019

One of the rare occasions when three planets join together in the same period of time, it allows the Capricorn to be a much more responsible and trustworthy person.

This, in turn, shows that they are ready to make the next step in the relationship, something which is perhaps too slow to come.

From March to November, there are greater chances of that happening, and so it’s the best time to try and show that special someone what it is they really want.


TOP TIP of the year: Despite the fact that work is really important for you, and it’s very stressful and time-consuming, you should think about what is more important to you, and that is or at least should be your partner.

Women feel more secure when they have someone that they can rely on during difficult periods. Showing her that you are the kind of man who will protect and understand her, automatically elevates your status. And that is the desired effect, right?

Single people, on the other hand, will be free to make their choices and decide whether career or love attracts them more.

Maybe the fated meeting is scheduled to happen after all, who knows? But wasting time thinking about it is not useful in the least, because it’s time to act and do something worthy of themselves.

Capricorn career horoscope 2019

You are filled with regret that you couldn’t exactly achieve a desired goal in the past, and this affects your whole attitude and approach towards doing things. Fortunately, the time will come pretty quickly when you will have the chance to fix things and regain your usual composure.

Capricorn natives are born leaders, people who know what to do and how to do it, and who usually waste no time on debating the potential ramifications of a given action. If a decision has to be made, call for a Capricorn.

He will quickly reach a conclusion and start implementing it. Well, although being resolute is a very handy trait, it’s not always beneficial and good.

Sometimes, decisions must be carefully weighed and deliberated on, because a mistake could cause serious repercussions. And this is what the Capricorn must learn: patience, awareness and discipline.

Having a recipe for success is ideal, but alas, not everyone has access to it. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be any poor people, now wouldn’t it? Despite that, there are a few things that could elevate your chances a great deal.


Enhance: Things like determination, perseverance, the ability to get over anxieties and inhibitions, communication and more. These are but a few of the qualities necessary to reach for the stars and fulfill your dreams.

Mars will influence your overall social meter and make you more of a recluse and a silent, sometimes brutally frank individual. But regardless of this, it’s also a good occasion to start paying more attention to the details, rather than the general picture.

It could serve very well, gaining more in-depth knowledge about things. After all, the path to success is fraught with difficulties and complex obstacles that require a steady mind and a substantial amount of information, the know-how necessary to succeed.

Capricorn finances in 2019

Capricorn individuals will benefit from a pretty good luck, and maybe it has something to do with fate as well, when it comes to their finances. Whether it’s thinking up of a new business idea, innovating the present one or just finding a lucrative deal that nets a great deal of money, everything seems to be going well for the Capricorn.

Special attention should be paid to people that could try to manipulate and deceive you, as there are a lot of such individuals around. Spend a little more time in analyzing potential partners, or even friends, and nothing bad will happen.

Capricorn health & wellbeing in 2019

If you previously paid no special attention to your health and how your behavior and actions affect it, then it’s time to do just that. It’s really an obvious thing, but pretty much everything we do, like our standards of life, have an effect on the overall development or degeneration of our organism.

And since it’s such an obvious thing, we should start taking it into consideration, more so than we have until now.

Capricorn natives will at times feel exhausted and with no energy, which raises their emotional sensitivity, or shall we say, emotional instability.

That’s right, they tend to overreact and blow their top when they are in such lethargic states and people confront or argue with them.

If that doesn’t change, everyone will start disliking and avoiding them, so it’s best to try and control those outbursts if and when they come.

You may feel very sympathetic and generous towards other people and their problems, much more so than your personal issues, family and friends in particular.

After all the indispositions and agitations that you probably had to go through thanks to not paying sufficient attention to your health, what you need right now is support and closeness.

Apart from that, learn to relax and let go of everything that bothers and keeps you alert, and start practicing a sport, in order to keep yourself in top shape and avoid falling even further down.

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