Capricorn January 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2015-12-21, 2976 views

January to bring you clarity but also a lot of fun filled moments so you shouldn’t complain that much when life kicks in and real work starts stressing you.

What you’ll be very good at is pretending you actually care and this will get you some free passes to relax and not invest too much into what others have to offer.

Some negative thoughts might alter this whole disposition but with a bit of patience and emotional support you will probably overcome them just in time for the next weekend. 

Is that your clear sky?

Maybe you should hide all the mirrors in the house because it seems that you will spend a lot of time looking at them and in general looking at yourself, even beyond the image matters.

You are trying to catch a clear glimpse of who you are and especially who you want to be and all tools for self discovery are going to be terribly treasured this month.

You are set to win a lot of quality insight but you need to spend more that a couple of days on this matter and not use this just an excuse to procrastinate, which is actually your original tendency.

The 10th of January weekend will take all the creativity you are capable of out of you and will show everyone that you can be delegated with such activities as well. Plus, you’ll more than enjoy the surprised looks on everyone’s faces.

Cooling off the heat

Prudence will help your wallet retain money but with also help you choose quality products instead of impulse shopping. There are still some gifts that you might have to give late and this will be the best occasion to window shop but try and refrain to just that. Make sure you add a card with your gift to show your appreciation because words will be more valuable than anything material you can give.

Some hot topics might fire arguments right in the middle of your cozy family and it will be interesting to see who will win, you do have some good explanations but at the same time you might need to be polite and offer to loose out of courtship.

You’ll need not distract your partner from their own activities and make sure you don’t rush them into doing anything they don’t feel that comfortable doing at the moment. The worst you can do beside this is to ignore them or act in a superficial manner when they are confessing something.

What startles you?

You are kind of set to approach some risk behaviors around the 17th as it seems you are viewing consequences with easefulness and don’t really perceive their true depth.

This will also make you a lot more irritable than when you are stressed and not everyone will know how to tackle that and they will probably use avoidance to escape having to interact with you in this condition.

Plus, this kind of behavior might trigger aggression from others and you won’t be able to solve your problems with them if you enter this circle of weakness.

Some proneness to minor accidents and to lacking due care will also stay with you this month so be careful, especially if you’re planning to go skiing or exercise any specific sport that involves a lot of rapid movement.

About modern sins

The Sun and Mars will couple together towards the 20th for you and they will probably evidence more than you’d like and show you that your work, when done properly, values more than expected.

But at the same time, all this procrastination you are experiencing now and about which we have just spoken, is making you lose not only money but also supportive experience.

Keep your eyes on the prize and don’t let it slip through your fingers when you linger in that dreamy state.

Beyond simple words

Mars will also show you that with sweet words and a combination of diplomacy and wits you can go a long way, especially if you have documents to sign or some sort of judicial fight to conclude.

Don’t abuse your position however because any sort of indiscretion will be sanctioned eventually. And of course read the fine print, not only to be aware of what you are doing but to also use it in your own benefit to maybe obtain a more beneficial settlement.

The current disposition speaks about a strong end of the month, full of domination from your side, with motivation that goes beyond simple words and with a rapid evolution of what you set your mind to do.

You might even be willing to impart your wisdom if you deem your disciples worthy of it or at least if they show their efforts and they mimic yours.

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