Capricorn January 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-12-21, 4591 views

You have the stars on your side if you want to focus on money aspects this January and it seems that you are ready to jump on the horse since the first day. Luckily, you will have your family with you to prevent that. If there is time for rest, you should respect that.

And speaking of things you should respect this month, it seems that your friends will give you quite a headache with some choices and you might have to go with the majority.

You are keen to show some of your abilities but also prefer to remain somewhat in the shadow. You are all right to get more responsibility on your shoulders, whether at work or at home, but you are not very happy with being questioned about it.

Beware of excesses

During the first week you might want to be very careful with excess of all kinds, especially culinary because it seems that your body stood for you enough during the holidays so it won’t take anymore now.

It also seems that the long hours that wait for you at the desk are not going to be very good either, both at a physical and mental level. If there is something you beware at this point, then there is getting into a rut.

This doesn’t happen at home though because it seems that literally every day this January, there will be something going on.

One day something good, another day something breaks, so don’t dare to leave your guard down for a second.

Difficulty with emotions

Around the 11th, Venus turns you into an emotional wreck and you start doubting those around you. Does this sound too harsh, well it is the truth, and it’s best to know it well in advance.

Whether you have been disappointed by someone or been wronged, you have no reason to multiply the behavior on people who have no connection to this. The trust issues that are surfacing now are quite a sensible matter and should be addressed individually.

It may be that you are acting up after having bottled up so many things during the holidays. Now the part is over, you can release some of that frustration.

And this is not necessarily something to be blamed for. The only thing you are not supposed to be, is to take it on people who have only been loving and caring to you.

Charming warrior

Despite this emotional storm that is going at home, in the society you seem charming and attractive and this might channel some interesting experiences in your direction.

Perhaps you are willing to try some. In any case, you surely entertain what is going to you know and the thought of what could be.

Perhaps you are enjoying it too much as it turns you into quite a dreamy and distracted person. Adding Mercury’s influence to the mix and a small recipe for disaster is brewing.

Be very careful with any important documents at work, especially any legal paper you might have to go through. You might have to support the cause of someone who is weaker than you.

Around the house

And to top up the list of things that are going in a weird direction, you seem to get more satisfaction from the moments you are spending at home than from small accomplishments at work.

This might prompt you to take up at least a day off from work, perhaps call in sick, during the last week of January, especially if the others in the family are also free at that time.

And it’s not even something that has to do with your emotions. You are just genuinely happy to be with them and prefer to avoid any discussions or other opportunities to make things bitter.

Perhaps this will give you some time to mend some of those things you have kept promising to take care of.

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