Capricorn January 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-12-28, 3542 views

You are going to be both romantic and productive this January and will manage to balance it all. No wonder those around will be jealous of you as it will seem that you have it all.

Enjoy your time, particularly the first half of the month which will likely be with no headache. The second half of the month may put you face to face with some small challenges, that you sort of knew of from your past.

There will be very little things to be excited for this month but this doesn’t mean that you are not going to enjoy the small experiences you will have. And because you will be rather down to earth, you will appreciate this rather than run away in search for some unattainable objectives.

Pressing financial matters

It appears that some minor financial matters are going to bother you during the first week of January but you are likely to navigate them with a lot of self composure.

A friend with a high position may want to help you but unless you can find a solution yourself, you will try to steer clear from their help.

You may be invited at a social event and may hesitate about going because you may not feel, at this particular time especially, that you belong in this world.

Don’t run away from these problems, on the contrary, try to confront them by getting involved in activities that have to do with material stuff and maybe have a bit of courage and invest some of the little you have left.

Things moving fast in love

Moving away from the material side, you may encounter some love doubts and the situation won’t be very pink around the 15th. Perhaps you are very emotional and are turning everything that happens in a drama.

On the other hand, some natives may actually be offended by actions of those dear and will try to come back from this, without being vengeful or holding a grudge.

Venus is making you appear beautiful and charming but you don’t think there is anyone out there to notice so you are likely to tone things down.

Much to your surprise, things are going to brighten up in a couple of days and then you will experience some regrets that you haven’t enjoyed more of your time.

Friendship troubles ahead

There may be some heartache going on around the 20th, perhaps caused by the actions of a dear friend. They may be in a difficult situation themselves and are acting up and it seems that you are going to take things rather personal.

Interesting changes await in the dynamic of your social group and what is mostly expected of you is to be patient and less impulsive than usual.

If you control your emotions, you are going to emanate security and harmony which is what the group needs now. If you need to step away from your friends for a bit to relax, do it without hesitation because when you will return you will be all fresh and things would have also cooled down.

Good news at last

You are going to be moving from one pink puffy cloud to another during the last week of January as it seems that good news are expected, perhaps even from abroad.

Some benefits you have not imagined you are going to receive are on their way and although you may have hoped for them, the reality will end up surprising you anyway.

This may be linked with something you need to do for someone but it seems that at this point, you are not very bothered by the hard work that is expected of you.

Being in a good mood will also have an impact on your love life and on what you are willing to try so do expect some exciting changes in this department to.

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