Capricorn January 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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January will be full of energy for Capricorn. You will have a positive aura about you and that will attract many interesting people. Whether it's a potential partner, a new friend or an important business acquaintance, this new person will bring you a lot of benefits.

Do not sacrifice all your vital energy in your activities, grant yourself periods of relaxation and tenderness to avoid falling into a heavy routine. It will be enough to get out of the comfort zone and open yourself to the world.

Take advantage of the influence of Venus in Sagittarius to explore unknown places or cultures because you will make beautiful discoveries.

A special aspect of the month for you, Mercury conjunct Saturn occurring on the 21st of January, may get you to find it easier to do things rather than speak and your actions will be very obvious. This is also a moment to clarify what you expect from others, before any big confusion ensues.

Important to note

Everything will be quite boring during the first week of the month and therefore you run the risk of feeling quickly fatigued or irritated by an energy under pressure that you find it difficult to channel.

In effect, everything smiles at you in the sky, except for Mars’ activity, that might take you to the excess, to criticism and to some family problems.

It will be necessary to rationalize a little, to wear yourself physically so as not to show these tensions in your relationships with others and to keep peace with your family.

Take advantage of the second week to stabilize your advantages, both emotional and financial, in the long term and with security. Neptune infuses you with good ideas and your intuition will be helpful.

Capricorn love horoscope for January

With a conjunction between Pluto, Saturn and the Sun in your sign at the beginning of the year, you start in a serious romantic climate. Your loves occupy you until 7, but then you will move on to more professional or more personal considerations. You seek to make sure of your feelings before forging a relationship.

In the love field Capricorn is in luck since all the communication channels for those who have a partner will be reinforced in spite of some other unimportant discussion.

They will know how to understand each other, thanks to the empathy that both people will show towards their partner.

If you are in a couple, you may feel buried under a routine as it seems that the last fires of passion are extinguished but the solid couples are launched to more profitable activities, so who can blame them for leaving romance aside.

During the second half of the month, there will be more occasions of intimacy and surely, the partners will be pleased with what they are getting from each other.

If you are single, please note that you are in a very active preparatory phase in your love life. You seem to have many things to fix before you have enough availability to share a love story.

But the first two weeks of January promise budding friendships and from there could emerge a more tender relationship, whether you have been seeking it or not.

Money and career at the start of the year

The strength that characterizes this sign will make it achieve everything that is proposed but for this month professionally but you must continue working hard because even a better reward is closer than you think.

It is a good economic month despite it being right after the Christmas spending. With good management you will spend the month away from debt. We must take the money management very seriously, especially if you need to pay some bills at the start of year.

Your projects will go ahead if you put effort and work. You may also be focused on having a better quality of work life. It is time to take stock and take certain decisions to eliminate all the negative and leave space only for the really important things that you want to achieve.

A month in which those decisions will mark a before and after in the life of Capricorn, that is, a new stage is approaching.

Your health this January

If some Capricorn are a little clueless about their health this January, you shouldn’t be like them. Be careful about the low temperatures and don’t spend too much time outdoors, under the influence of the elements.

January will also give you a renewed motivation to act upon your New Year resolutions and, as long as you manage to establish a routine, you will not be easily distracted from it.

The month of January will be a month of spiritual retreat that will help those born under this sign to make those decisions so they should avoid any kind of stress and anxiety and dedicate a little time a day to themselves to find that energetic balance they so desire.

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