Capricorn January 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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January will be a month full of energy for you, dear Capricorn. You will emit a positive aura in your environment and this will attract many interesting people.

Whether it is a potential partner, a new friend or an important business knowledge, this new interaction will bring you many benefits. It will be enough to get out of the comfort zone and open yourself to the world.

You tend to analyze everything endlessly and you fail to see the good side of things, so you risk missing out on more professional opportunities. Try to do your best and not miss the opportunities that come your way.

On the other hand, the sentimental life is announced to be a quieter one, and the time spent with your significant other relaxes you.

January highlights

Some anguish and frustration might muddle the otherwise open and communicative atmosphere around you this start of January.

The stars help you communicate better but you still need to pay good attention to your choice of words, otherwise you might end up in some sticky situations.

Your friends will have quite big expectations from you, especially around the 12th, and you will need to abide by those, otherwise people will become rather impatient and even angry with you. Make sure you put a real effort in your social life, whilst you have one.

The second half of January could bring about some information on opportunities to supplement your income and / or to capitalize on some savings through investments.

Talk to your partner about these and make sure you make your decisions by taking into account what they have to say.

You are going to be quite nostalgic after the 23rd of the month but try not to think too much of the past or else you run the risk of drawing some hasty conclusions.

Also, the way you choose to communicate at the end of the month can leave room for interpretations, and this can lead to quite large misunderstandings between you and your colleagues or family.

During or around the date of 28, it is not recommended to make investments in future plans that do not offer guarantees or provide loans. You do not enjoy the financial stability that allows this.

Capricorn love horoscope for January 2020

In love, the Capricorn native, whether single or in a relationship, is so full of his or her own person that the one next to them risks feeling marginalized. The native is the one who has to give assurances, to make an effort of will to reconcile the partner, that in order not to break up the relationship.

As a true Capricorn, you will, throughout the month, have quite a few demands from your partner, some that will be more exaggerated than others.

You will surprisingly wish to depart from the comfort of the routine instilled in your love life and will chase new experiences. This is not about wanting to cheat on the partner. You want them next to you, but if they don’t follow, then you have no other choice but to leave them behind.

Towards the end of the month you will slowly return to your senses and start treasuring more what you have at home, regardless of the experiences you may have had previously.

Professional life this month

For a start, patience and self-control lessons are needed and it is very difficult to explain to a Capricorn native in this period that he or she needs self-control when he or she is so confident and has so much personality.

And it is very difficult to convince someone, to pave the way for communication with this native, because they simply don’t listen.

Egocentrism can become a problem, including for others, especially as you tend to be extremely authoritarian.

You see nothing but your own will, own person and, being the sign of Capricorn, an assumption that goes beyond any limit, a will that you want to impose at any price.

Orient your energy and focus to work, to other’s interests and opinions and to seeking new alliances.

Health and wellbeing

Capricorns feel responsible for everything and everything around this January. It seems that everyone, even the weight of the world is on their shoulders! And this can affect their health.

There may also occur a minor genital problem, or problems with the hips as you are prone to some kind of accident in that area or have to undergo some intervention.

From the 20th onwards, some water retention could make you feel more swollen, slower and weaker than normal.

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