Capricorn January 2021 Monthly Horoscope

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In the beginning of 2021, Capricorns are going to feel as if their life is slowing down. They won’t have too much ambition, nor revolutionary ideas, but at least they’ll be happy.

As a matter of fact, they will actually be at peace with themselves that they haven’t rushed anything. January will be in a month in which you engage in peaceful activities such as reading, taking walks in Nature or spending quiet time with the partner.

You will make order in your mind, so you’ll be prepared for any problem that may appear at work in the future. Most Capricorns will have a lot of energy in January.

Your aura will be positive, this being the reason why so many interesting people want to meet you. You may make new friends, meet people who could be your business partners, or even come across someone who interests you a lot.

Either way, the person who enters your life is going to bring you all sort of benefits. You just need to be open and go out as much as possible.

January 2021 Highlights

Goats are going to want to make changes and feel unstable because some old structures in their life will breakdown. Venus and Jupiter will have a momentum that will help them overcome any difficulty.

Capricorn natives will experience a moment of crisis that won’t happen only in January, but almost the entire year, all because Neptune and Uranus will be in their 1st House, making them experience life differently than they used to before, which is by being disciplined and rigid.

This confrontation will have them going through an identity crisis and them not understanding anything about their spiritual side. At least they will be spiritual, something that will bring them many benefits because it’s going to allow the understanding of the material world differently.

Until the 6th, natives of this sign will be nervous and all over the place, feeling confused and insecure on the inside. At least Jupiter and Venus will be by their side and help with the overcoming of any difficulty.

Capricorn Love Horoscope for January

When it comes to their romantic relationships, Capricorns will go once more through a crisis, but they will be given new strength as soon as the tough situation is over.

They will fear having to change their way of life, so they will not want to express their desires or feelings, and their relationship will be negatively affected. Others will see them as isolated beings who want to spend all their time alone.

Sometimes, Goats will enjoy being with their partner because this special person in their life is making them feel like any problem has a solution.

Your emotions will be favored starting with the 7th because Mars enters Taurus, your love, joy and sensuality sector.

With Venus in the Capricorn’s 10th House, you’re being given new opportunities, a lot of charm, tact, patience and sweetness. Rest assured that your heart will be happy.

Heaven is sending positive energies your way. Aside from being reserved and shy until the 9th, your couple life is favored for the entire month after this date on. In case you were planning to procreate, go ahead and try for a baby because you’re in perfect osmosis with your partner.

More charismatic than ever, you truly enjoy being this way. Mars, the planet ruling desire, will beautifully aspect your Sun starting with the 7th, so great opportunities of meeting someone special will come your way. Pluto and Venus in your constellation will have your heart beating faster.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Capricorns give a lot of importance to this area of life because money and career make them feel personally fulfilled. In January, they will have many ups and downs in these sectors.

Some of them will decide to change jobs or profession, whereas others will have a completely different approach at work. The changes will obviously affect their economic situation, so they may end up not having enough money sometimes.

It’s important they pay attention to the investments they’re making, also to their business collaborations. The planetary aspects don’t bring them too many favors in these directions.

Your Wellbeing This Month

Capricorns won’t have too many problems when it comes to health, but they should pay the dentist a visit. They may feel very stressed because their life is changing in every aspect.

For this reason, they should do some yoga and open their Chakras. Some Goats are going to experience joint issues, but nothing that some light spa treatment can’t fix.

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