Capricorn July 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-06-23, 3663 views

Be prepared for a challenging and energetic July as matters pertaining to the family are revealed and you need to make some choices. Deliberately or not, you will have to wisely divide your time between family and work, regardless how much official time you actually have.

The expectations are high from both sides and the stakes equally high. No wonder you will be running like a mouse on a wheel for the majority of the week. It depends on your own emotional strength how much you can carry on and whether and at what point you might snap.

The good news is that at least you are spending time with those dear to you and in between all this agitation, you will probably find some relaxing moments for you. A good time to expose healthy life principles and to make an example of you.

Play your part

The new Moon brings you closer to your desires but also dictates a certain degree of reprimand for you. There are ideas in your head about changes you would like to do to your life but you don’t have the courage to pursue them further.

Some issues with long distance relatives might occur around the 7th, perhaps because you have a different opinion than your partner.

You might have to play the intermediary in this whole comedy, an ingrate role that will consume you.

Perhaps you should avoid sensible topics and make yourself as useful as possible when it comes to practical matters just to get out of trouble.

Some occasions

The current disposition seems to favor learning endeavors but as your time will be quite tight, we are looking at mostly things you can learn through observation or by criticism of the behavior and choices of others.

You are craving stability and might be inclined to put some money aside, this being a choice you can be entirely in control of.

The Sun will also fast forward some of your plans and you will have to involve your family into that as well. Unfortunately, around the 12th, Venus moves in a less auspicious position for Capricorn and you might find that this brings impediments to your relationships.

While you will still find your words, those are not going to be sending the message you want them to send.

Taking the course you want

On top of this, stress is producing important effects on your body as well and you will probably sleep longer hours despite the daylight time being longer.

You need to rebuilt your morale so perhaps try a hobby or a sport that solicits your mind more than your body. There is a certain predisposition to outbursts of jealousy and manipulation and this might occur outside of your relationship as well.

A bit more materialistic than usual, you will probably try and quantify your accomplishments in such terms and it doesn’t help if those close to you are doing the same.

Around the 17th some occasion of exploration might take you by surprise but don’t expect to have a peaceful time where you are going, especially if you have little ones to take with you.

Cling onto what you have

When you get back to work, interesting goals are highlighted and you will finally feel as if you are doing something with tangible results. Your capacity to focus will increase and chance is that you will get some praise from superiors.

Be careful with money as the month approach to an end because you will spend them at an increased rate and not even realize what they are going on. Some unexpected bill might destabilize you as well.

It is important to maintain your objectivity and not necessarily search for the person to blame, especially if the damage is already done. There is no need for revenge and by resorting to this you will only manage to attract bad karma to yourself.

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