Capricorn July 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-06-25, 3197 views

This is going to be quite an ambiguous month for most natives but no need to worry because this also means that there are quite a few occasions to shine and enough moments to make you think.

This combination of emotional triggers is likely to make you stronger and it seems that the stars are exactly trying to make you more aware of your own thoughts and deep wishes.

Whilst professionally speaking you may not shine terribly, there are a few days in which you not only make a great impression but you actually get to put things in movement. You will be very proud about this so a celebration is also likely.

Some natives will be very stubborn in regard to a family matter and will try to impose their way no matter what. Luckily, if people come to you with the right arguments, you will also show just how reasonable and generous you can be.

Peace and quiet at work

You are staying away from radical decisions at work and this seems to be wise. You have the capacity to do even this but now is not the right time.

You might even feel as if your superiors are giving you some kind of break so you will have the occasion to deal with backlog. Try to sweat away those feelings that tell you this is the peace before the storm because this isn’t the case and the only thing you are achieving is to torment yourself.

The word of advice however is not to get involved in your co-workers’ business or else discussion may arise, even if your intentions were honest.

Around the 8th, you will get some invite and this will offer you the occasion to do something special for your loved one. Don’t take all the credit however because chances are the whole context will transpire and you will feel sort of humiliated.

Slowing down on all fronts

A peaceful time ahead in your love life as well, during the first half of July, with the occasion highlight as described above but everything else: quite unassuming. Things are generally slowing down on a personal level but this doesn’t bother you at all.

This is just the right time to enjoy the calm and not expect anything else. At first, this might be quite frustrating, especially because of how used you are with an agitated lifestyle.

The main word of caution for you is not to confuse this state with stagnation, because this is not what this is. If you don’t listen to this, you will only end up frustrating yourself unnecessarily. Temper any impulses that tell you to act now because things you do in a rush, especially at this point, are not going to bring the results you are expecting.

Protect your friendships

This July, especially during the second half of the month, it is really important that you keep your connections with friends alive as it seems there is quite a risk for people to drift apart. Although we are not talking about any major conflict, it is just that everyone seems to be just going ahead with their lives and there isn’t much time.

It may be that in your circle of friends you will have to take initiative and organize a get together. If this is not your role, then be sure that you attend anything that is organized. It would be a shame to put distance between you and friends you’ve had for so many years.

Also, around the 24th, be careful with cooking or operating appliances, because there is quite a risk of domestic accidents. This doesn’t mean however that you can put this as an excuse to get away without doing any chores at home.

Sensible discussion

It seems that loyalty and patience in a family matter is finally paying off for you, perhaps at a moment when you didn’t really expect anything else to happen. This is a great time for you to learn something and store this moment somewhere in your mind.

Some natives will come across a sensible discussion in which they might be blamed for their recent behavior but it seems that the reaction to this will be quite a positive and assuming one.

It is important that you acknowledge that there is room for improvement. You don’t have to deny things or else you won’t be able to make even the smallest of changes.

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