Capricorn July 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-06-24, 4168 views

A July that accents on your emotions but also on the direct way you are approaching things. It will all be a matter of attaining your goals, no matter the price to pay.

You may even be harsh with your partner but at the end of the day, they will be very indulgent with you and will most likely understand you.

There will be occasions this month for you to show your strengths but also to keep your weaknesses in check and you may be under the radar of a friend.

Additional responsibilities may descend upon you at home and whilst at first you may dread them, there will be lessons to learn from this as well.

Your financial efforts may be rewarded but you will also be required to be more generous than usual. Remember that what you give will return to you multi-fold.


Watch out! If there is a lesson you still need to touch upon this July, then it most certainly is that about karma. You are still a bit selfish and stubborn as to not acknowledge the action and re-action mechanisms of life.

Your charming self

You are going to exhibit a smooth attitude during the first week of July and you will most likely sweet talk everyone into following your lead. You are definitely under the spell of the Sun Jupiter trine occurring on the 5th but your friendliness is potentially just an apparent one.

You are not going to hesitate to befriend whomever will serve you good but real connections will be very hard to find.

Because you are not that unscrupulous, you may also need to spend some moments on your own, to remind yourself of your personal ethics. That saying the end goal excuses the way you get to it, is going to be something you are going to use as an excuse.


TOP TIP of the month: The only person who may criticise you for what you are doing may actually be your partner but as long as they see you content and reaching whatever goal you have set, they are not going to be on your case for long.

But things ought to change during the second week of July because the other trine formed by the Sun, the one with Neptune, is going to make you a lot more emotional and you will finally have consideration for the emotions you may be hurting.

You may even consider making amends but you are likely to get involved in generally humanitarian activities, like volunteering, rather than recognizing your own behaviour in front of particular people.

You need to try something new and to reinvent yourself will be very obvious around the 11th, due to the Venus trine Uranus aspect. You will be very affectionate to your partner because you will need their support on whatever journey of transformation you want to embark yourself onto.


Enhance! This is a great moment for research, whether it’s for the initial stage in which you decide what you want to do or it is actually what you want to do. This doesn’t mean that you will be with your head in the books all day long, however, research can have a practical side too.

Some nostalgia ahead

For those natives wishing to return to their studies, the stars will be 100% on board and will support them with clarity of thoughts and less worries in their day to day lives.

The Solar Eclipse on the 12th will be one that induces meditation in your case, thus will offer you another occasion to take a little break from the ruckus of the other activities in your life. Use this time to reconnect with yourself.

Some natives may be inclined to spend this with their partners and will sort of avoid being on their own with their thoughts, perhaps out of a fear of what they could face there.


Astrological aspect of the month: The Venus sextile Jupiter debuting on the 22nd will turn your attention towards humanitarian efforts and you will be very interested in making a difference in the life of your peers.

Another good time for all sort of experiments and for trying new things, especially at work, is around the 24th, when the Venus Neptune opposition debuts. You may also find yourself a lot more interested than usual in your image but also in people from your past.

This is sort of your way of trying to reconnect with who you were. Some natives may do it because they feel lost a bit in the present, others just because they are feeling nostalgic. No matter your motivations, just enjoy the ride.

On the 27th, Venus forms a trine with Pluto, an aspect that will turn the table on your partner and during which your romantic expectations are going to increase, despite you not really being willing to move a finger in this direction.

You are patient and decisive however so you are likely going to wait for as long as it is needed. The only thing is, make sure you drop some hints along the way, especially if your partner is rather busy with other things at this end of July.

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