Capricorn July 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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July promises a gradual calming in the life of the Capricorns. After the previous problems, you will finally have much desired rest. However, you may encounter some family issues.

A hidden secret will come to light or something unexpected will happen. Regardless, this situation will have to be resolved as quickly as possible. The holiday can’t wait.

It is a positive summer for Capricorn overall. Opportunities seem to pop up at your door, and you have the ability to capitalize on everything now! Your work will be noticed and recognized, so you can expect serious commotion at work about this.

However, don’t let this get to your head and try not to put all your money where your mouth is. You may end up making some difficult promises in the heat of the moment, promises you won’t be able to respect, when time comes.

Similarly, take it easy in your love life and perhaps steer clear from too much commitment, there is still time and the summer is at its high peak at the moment.

If you don’t respect this, you might end up in a situation where sentimental matters require great sacrifices for things to work between you and your partner. But is it worth the effort?

Pay attention to health issues and try to spend more time with loved ones to avoid misunderstandings that may arise in the future due to lack of communication.

July highlights

This start of July might debut right in the middle of an underlying power struggle, between you and someone from the family, or perhaps a close business partner. Each side is relentlessly trying to prove something and neither is willing to give up.

Listen to the voice of reason and stop wasting more time. Compromise is nearer than you’d think, you just need to keep your eyes open and no one will have to lose more than the other from this.

The middle of the month will be dedicated to some serious activities that pertain to your personal development. Perhaps you go back to some classes or sign up for a particular professional development project, one that you long wanted to do.

You might be faced with some interviews and these will obviously come with the associated stress but overall, this will be a pleasant experience, from which you will have plenty to learn.

Towards the 25th, some tensions might blindside you with regards to a friend of yours and perhaps you will feel offended for nothing. It’s very possible all will be due to an unfortunate misunderstanding.

Luckily, someone will be keeping an eye on the situation and everything will be clarified in due time, so you don’t end up closing the month in a similar situation to the one you were when it started.

Capricorn love horoscope for July 2019

In July, if you are already involved in a serious relationship, you can expect all sorts of confrontations, problems, overturning the relationship in the couple, and it is very difficult to restore balance. You can be taken by surprise, you go through a very tense period, full of discontent.

An interesting period of re-evaluation of the couple's relationship, the resumption of discussions that raise the past, of secrecy between you and your partner might also occur at the start of the month.

It very important for the partner to be listened to with heart, not just with the mind. It is not excluded that, in the first part of July, you will face the fear of acting, to fulfil the desire to move forward with your loved one.

It may be a postponement, a change of mind or the resumption of discussions about an intimate relationship, a relationship in which you were involved, but from which you have not had too much expectations so far.

In the second part of July, there are favorable times if you want to find your pair. If you expect a miracle to rekindle your love, or you think of marriage, there are all chances to materialize this dream, or at least meet the person you want to unite your destiny with.

Career progress this month

Capricorn’s business relationships, partnerships and collaborations are strongly influenced by the eclipse of July 2nd 2019, and you may be seeing some of the results right then and there.

If you are in negotiations for new contracts and projects, things might not go by themselves, tensions may arise, moments of crisis, misunderstandings may blight the whole thing, especially around the middle of the month.

It’s your duty to lead and call for patience and understanding. You will need to apply all the charm you have in yourself but it will all be worth it.

Venus, the career governor of your sign, will help with associations and partnerships but can’t really put words in your mouth, so you are on your own in this regard. Be careful about the small print of any contract you need to sign, especially around the 28th.

Some Capricorn employees may seek to change their jobs or even their careers entirely but they should be prudent, because, despite the saying, the grass is not always greener on the other side.

Towards the end of the month, take some time to analyse the efficiency of your efforts and work and think twice about your goals. It may be that some tweaking is necessary. Perhaps you could even use someone older as a mentor.

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