Sagittarius July 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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Sagittarius has no way of avoiding some lingering financial problems for some time, and this July may be forced to put an end to them once and for all, especially since he or she may have some unexpected chances in business associations, which resume increasingly promising. This is also associated with the desire to do something abroad.

Sagittarius natives have been accustomed lately to being praised for what they have accomplished. But from this month on, for quite a while, they will not be as appreciated as they wanted and this demoralizes them a little. They should not be upset because those close, who care about them unconditionally, will appreciate them anyways.

July could also be a romantic month in which you spend a lot of time with your partner. On the other hand, there will be more times when you will disconnect from everything around you, due to the problems you face, preferring to focus on the serious matters.

July 2020 highlights

The horoscope indicates that July is an ideal time to start looking for a better job. If you are not satisfied with your current job, it does not make sense to stay there, no matter how much you earn.

Sagittarius will understand that it is not all about material security, but first and foremost, about peace of mind. An excessively stressful environment is very tiring for the body and before finding a new job, at least try to get it easier with your current activity.

After the previous turbulent period, Sagittarius will finally have some rest. Take a trip with friends or plan a vacation. In July, the situation at work will be normal, so you do not have to worry about information you are missing out on in your absence.

Advice for key dates in July:

Around the 2nd: Fine tune your thoughts based on the opinion of others as well.

Around the 7th: There are some chances of supplementing your income and capitalizing on your savings.

Around the 15th: You may get a better performance if you try to get along with your colleagues.

Around the 23rd: Beware of jealousy and possessiveness, you are much better than this.

Around the 29th: You get the chance to make someone close’s life better.

Sagittarius love horoscope for July

Both single natives and those engaged in a couple must vigilantly monitor their inclination to ask too much, even the impossible, for love. Too high expectations from current or potential partners are detrimental and can lead, in extreme cases, to painful separations!

The position of the stars this month can also create a tension between some Sagittarians and their life partners, caused by a lack of synchronization in expressing feelings or aligning towards common goals.

Fortunately, the above trends seem to diminish in the last week of the month, allowing the establishment of a stable balance, a harmonious understanding, both in already formed and incipient love couples.

Do not overlook, therefore, the relationship with the family. On the contrary, you feel better at home. You are motivated to defend your relatives, loved ones, but you have to keep away from the urge to quarrel with them for insignificant reasons.

Career horoscope

This month, you can work more often from home or supplement your income with an activity carried out in your home, in addition to the one at work.

You are professionally favored especially in negotiations, if you are involved in a job associated with public relations, sales, advertising.

Financial enterprises are crowned with accomplishments, provided you release them from inertia, from beaten paths, to adjust them according to the current complex conjuncture in society and economy.

After a period of sifting the weed from the wheat in your collaborations, in the last decade of the month you still have the opportunity to fortify the real ones and to lay the foundations of new ones, without a big struggle.

You have a strong desire to cooperate with others. Dialogues with people, especially those close to you, with friends, support you to clarify your ideals and how you can achieve them as efficiently as possible.

Your wellbeing this month

Around the second decade of the month, although your interaction with partners in all spheres of your existence tends to clear up, it can still sometimes be disturbed by surprising circumstances, which require you to analyze which of them are really trustworthy, and collaborate authentically with you.

And in the lifestyle plan, in general, the emphasis is on somehow problematic aspects, which guide you to review your place in the world, to show an increased responsibility in relationships with others, to carefully select who you communicate with, so as to do not be misunderstood and not be restrained towards a higher status, possibly towards a leading position.

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