Capricorn June 2015 Monthly Horoscope

By Iulia Trandafir on 2015-05-26, 2235 views

In your case, the agitation brought along by the planetary transits, the Full Moon and the new Moon implying Gemini will mostly affect your work. But if you can’t temper things in this area, they might affect your health condition, as well.

So, the main problems might appear at your workplace by reason of delays, changes of mind from your collaborators, lies or inconsistent information around you. So, accordingly, you are challenged to make your own changes in the schedule and in the decisions and to be on the go to solve things in several places.

Even if it is to be hard, this is the lesson for you right now. More exactly, you need to learn to be more flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances that you can’t control. But, as I mentioned above, chances are for you to not deal with all this agitation and to get nervous.

Take your time

The anxiety, the efforts spent to accomplish too many tasks and the mobility to reach various places, all these can lead to exhaustion and, consequently, to health problems. Keep calm, breathe deeply, have a rest.

The Uranus-Jupiter trine on fire signs bring along (maybe) spectacular achievements related to your family life, your home or other patrimony. You have now enough courage to invest in a new house, you have good chances to obtain a loan, and the only issue here would be a little exaggerated temptation to buy a too expensive house.

Accepting changes

Starting June 15, Saturn retrograde in Scorpio provokes you to accept the macro-level changes and to obey them. It might be about social or economic measures that affect your business, your career or your valuables. Just accept that you have no control on these matters and things will appear more bearable.

A special warning: be tolerant with people who have a different approach to duties and general responsibilities.

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