Capricorn June 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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Expect some major satisfaction this June, following decisions you have made recently but also actions you have taken a while ago, and of which, you may have even forgotten.

Your partner or your love interest, if you are single, will give you more attention than usual and this will likely get you wings.

Charming and eloquent, you will be rather persistent this month in any professional matters, even though at times, you may ignore the facts and actually go against the current. It is actually your determination that will attract people and will have them follow you recklessly.

You may exhibit this stubborn tendency of believing you are the only one who can do something the best way and this may keep you very busy the whole time, or at least until you figure out that delegating is not really a bad thing.

During the second half of the month, some of your most daring endeavours may be blocked by this subconscious fear of yours of letting those close down. You will prefer to choose the responsible way rather than take some small but rewarding risks.


Enhance! This June is set to offer you clarity in some personal aspects and the power to follow your most personal goals, without any big worries in mind.

Dreamy state

Don’t let yourself judged by people who don’t know you between the 1st and the 4th of the month. Express yourself exactly how you are and don’t hesitate to try your hand at any creative projects, without concern about what others may say.

You appear to be in a good place professionally and in your relationship with young people in your life. Communications of all sorts will be blessed so you will be able to send your message across easily.

The Venus Pluto opposition commencing on the 4th may put some pressure on your romantic life, in the sense that you will try your best to raise yourself to the expectations of your partner, even though you have not entirely clarified what those are.

With Jupiter still in retrograde position, you can practice spiritual activities with revealing results, however, you may want to stay away from any mainstream or commercial endeavours.

You may also be brought with your feet on the ground in a rather rude awakening by some troubles arising at work on the 5th.


Astrological aspect of the month: The Mercury Saturn opposition aspect debuting on the 15 will bring out everything that is selfish in you but may also put you in a more introspective and observant mode.

The Mercury sextile Uranus aspect forming on the 12th will bring excitement in your social exchanges and you will see the whole potential of these interactions. You are keen to learn from others and to show your abilities as well.

You will be more drawn, during this period, towards people who are just as open minded as you are, thus leading to some very ingenious conversations.

The New Moon on the 13th could only mean one thing, that your dreams suddenly get the potential of becoming reality. You may struggle a bit with some notoriety you have recently gained by associating yourself with some people, but overall, there are good lessons to be extracted out of this.

As things appear to be very concentrated in the middle of the month, the Mercury Saturn opposition occurring on the 14th may predispose you towards slightly isolating yourself, perhaps due to some thoughts of inadequacy, especially in a couple of mornings.


Watch out! Around the 23rd, some unexpected tensions may arise between you and your partner and you will need to be on your best behaviour to try and tone them down.

New obstacles along the way

Optimism and good news are likely to return in your life under the influence of the Mercury trine Jupiter aspect forming on the 18th and that week will be a very productive one. Able to channel good concentration and logical ideas, Capricorns will excel at any exams or competitions.

Some may be late to an important appointment but it is more important how you handle this than the excuse you put forward.

Interacting with a rather slow but lovely person will fill you up with frustrations of all sorts but luckily, the Sun Uranus sextile will be there for the rescue with some stimulating events.

Socializing will be high on your list of priorities, despite some transient money issues that may occur around this time.


TOP TIP of the month: Make sure that you properly make use of any extra money towards the end of the month because you will be able to multiply it safely.

After the 25th, the Sun will start its opposition to Saturn, meaning that your mindset will slightly change and that you will be more focused on the limitations of your ideas and the possible negative consequences than on the benefits. It’s important to be realistic but there is no need to be pessimistic this end of June.

Especially because the Full Moon on the 28th also increases self-awareness and will have you doubt personal abilities more than ever. You will have to work very hard during this time to overcome these self-imposed limitations.

Some natives may also feel guilty for the things they don’t get to do whilst they are too busy doing other things and of course that emotions will be running high when it is actually family life that is being neglected.

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