Capricorn March 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-02-22, 3162 views

A great month for those natives willing to go the extra mile and those who are paying attention at the needs of those around. To put it simply, the more you have invested in those around you, the more you are getting.

However, being surrounded by a lot of people might also trigger some weird situations and a great deal of misunderstandings that you will have to clear.

You might find yourself in a full campaign to promote your abilities and chasing every opportunity to do that but there might also be an emotional component to that. Your partner will reassuringly be there for you, regardless of your intentions.

What do you care for

However, don’t take this for granted because they also need attention and sooner or later this will surface in a very poignant manner.

And you definitely don’t want your partner to turn into an enemy. Those natives with big families are given part of the solutions, the more you care for the family and show your interest, the easier it is going to be with your partner as well.

As the month progresses, perhaps closer to the 10th you will feel an urge to spend some time on your own but again, it’s only important how you wrap that because you don’t want this time to stick out or you to appear as inconsiderate.

There is no need to be open about your feelings or to explain anything you are not comfortable with but you can’t disappear all of a sudden either.

Controversy ahead

Venus will intervene though and have you long for the road and maybe even organize some travel plans. The lucky ones might have this correlated with work and maybe get the chance to leave the country and have a few days in a completely different place.

Around the middle of the month I wouldn’t be surprised if a bit of controversy will follow something you did or something you said and you are going to be like a celebrity in your circle for a while.

The bad news is that although people might be discussing about you, they won’t do it to your face so it will be quite difficult to find out what is being said and to find ways to contradict it. 

In the comfort of your home

There will be a bumpy road with some legal matters, especially if you find yourself in a situation where you postponed this for a while and just got to it. However, it seems that the more you are into finances and calculations, the easier it is going to be to fix this.

This also debuts a few days of work focus only and although short term, these will surely have an influence on your health and you’ll start to feel increasingly more tired.

And even if you are getting enough sleep, this being most likely correlated to stress, you will be experiencing this all the time.

The Moon eclipse of the 23rd will turn your focus around to your family again but this time you tend to be even more empathic. By spending a few days around the house or maybe a bit more time than usual, you’ll see some bits and bobs you want to improve.

This will surely trigger a whole project, and you will be left to indulge in shopping for all the things you consider necessary.

Educational period

A good time for those with research or creative endeavors, a good time to write a significant piece of work and to support all endeavors that have to do with information and showing things to other people.

Therefore, in case you are on duty to help with homework, don’t avoid that, it might turn out more fun than you can imagine.

The end of the month will be hijacked by your friends, of course, only if you let them, but why wouldn’t you?!

Some significant results might come, particularly related to work so you might actually have a thing or two to celebrate. However, be careful if you have friends from work because a bit of a conflict of interest might rise.

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