Capricorn March 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-02-25, 3232 views

Dear Capricorn, prepare for a March in which you can let your hair down. It is finally time to take some innocent risks and hope for the best.

Not only will this break the routine you have been in for a while but may also offer you the chance to meet with new people.

With the Mars trine Uranus aspect, the first half of the month is defined by your need to obtain your freedom, whether it is from a relationship, from your family or from your professional path. You are seeking ways to express yourself, perhaps through different types of art.

With two new Moons, one at the beginning and one on 17 March, your self awareness is greater than ever and you will tend to be a lot more affectionate than usual, even on top of your need for personal space, as mentioned earlier.

Where to stop

With both Mercury and Venus moving rapidly in Aries, you will tend to be assertive in most of your interactions. Spontaneous and ready to engage with others, you may end up in situations in which you will take way too much responsibility on board.

Towards the 9th, an episode may take place, in which you will be reluctant to give up on a particular idea, even before understanding what needs to change and why. You must understand that it doesn’t look good to be perceived as stubborn and surely doesn’t bring you any benefit.

Some confusions may come up regarding future plans, especially if you are not explicit enough as to what you want to accomplish. Needless to say that those around, especially people who are in a position where they are highly dependent on you, want clarity and measurable goals.

Your habits

With Jupiter retrograding in Scorpio, you will get to discover some things about yourself that surely you had no idea existed. In this aspect, the stars surface fears and personal obsessions.

If you spend a bit of time on your own and have a think about your reactions, you may be able to get answers to some things you’ve never understood about your own behavior.

More insecurity may come due to the Venus square Saturn aspect and those natives in long term relationships may feel this hit more than single natives.

Tensions that surface during this time may refer to current habits or episodes from the past and both parties will tend to be very frustrated because of this. Natives who are on their own in love may find it difficult to interact with others, especially if they find themselves attracted to them.

Challenges at work

The second half of March debuts with Mars’ entry in Capricorn, meaning professional and social advances but Mercury conjunct Venus starting the 20th, may have you think twice about the speed in which things evolve around you.

Moving away from the tensions earlier in the month, you feel a lot freer now and will express exactly what you have in mind, no matter the consequences. The word of caution is to remain diplomatic and to never say never.

At work, you may be asked for advice more times than you would like and this may create confuse feelings. On one hand you appreciate the attention, on the other, the thought of how much mental energy is involved in helping others will end up frustrating you. There is some innate aggressiveness brewing there and you may want to temper that.

Intense needs

We can’t really finish the March horoscope without mentioning the arrival of Venus in Taurus on the 31st. If you are familiar with this combination, you should already know that you are in for a volcanic farewell to March and will enter April in style.

Your brainwaves will likely intensify but you are not going to be using them for the better good but rather for some sort of mischief. You may also tend to rush into things.

The greatest tendency will be that of breaking from tradition and from family roots. It’s not that you necessarily want more independence or your space. It is more of a way of you showing that you have your own opinions and beliefs and that these are worthy of respect.

For some natives, gaining family respect and admiration will represent a major goal whilst others will only remember to hold their ground in case of any tensions or contradictory discussions.

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