Capricorn May 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-04-27, 2642 views

May is going to be a month with highly personal concerns and very little interest in what the outside world is doing. While you are going to acquit yourself of all the tasks and plans you previously set, your mind wanders elsewhere and there is no need to deny it.

The only words of caution come in regards to your health because of all the stress of not being able to share what you are feeling with others and perhaps in regards to your relationship, because of all the people around you, your partner is going to be the only one affected.

Keep track of things

The first half of the month tends to be quite peaceful, with very low priority activities and in general enough time for you to dream with your eyes open. This is why you might start being in this mood the whole time.

The first week also offers you some occasion to rest and recharge your batteries, for some natives this might come in the shape of a treatment or of a period of purposeful isolation.

The challenges offered by Sun, Mercury and Venus are sure to take out any boredom from your days but eventually it is up to you how prepared for the challenge you are. You might accept those that have to do with your love life but you are not too keen on trying new things so you’ll probably pass on those.

Some of the days around the 14th are going to be about pleasures and experiences and you’ll probably be attracted by that, but not enough as to persevere with them. You might enjoy a Saturday night out but not as much as to be eager for another one.

Try your best

The second half of the month on the other hand is more complex and might see you go through some crisis situations, either connected to your home or your family.

For some natives, these might come as a consequence of their actions while for other natives they might actually be unrelated to them and they will just be involved as support for family members or because they are affected by that on a secondary plan.

This will be the time where some creative solutions from your side will surface, however, the extent you are planning to take them depends highly on your involvement and how much you feel like it.

I have told you, this month is about emotions and you can be very moody at times, leaving a lot of people baffled by your behavior.

What you are fighting for

Jupiter is favoring travel experiences for those quick to close the door on their routine and discover something new. But keep in mind that you have work to go back to and you need to dose your energy so don’t spend all your free days just now.

On the other hand you are prevented to do this because in terms of money you are not doing that great. And although you might think you are just fine, if you take a look at other people with similar situations with yours, you might be a bit disappointed.

Maybe it’s time to get your feet on the ground, be prudent about spending new money and try to put something aside. I hope there is no more need to tell you that you can’t afford any speculations or risks no matter how enticing they might look on paper.

What it looks like

As the month nears its end, you get a bit restless, perhaps feeling you have wasted some time in the past days but there isn’t much you can do now. Maybe plan for the following month and try to keep yourself motivated. Work, on the other hand, will give you some late reasons to rejoice, this time not associated with any stress.

But don’t sleep on it just yet, there are people at work who would be very happy to see you in a bad situation and you need to navigate any slight traps that might come your way. It’s more a matter of words and body language, so don’t expect to actually be sabotaged in your work because things are not going as far as this, not now at least.

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