Capricorn May 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-04-23, 3433 views

It’s game on for almost all Capricorns this May, although everyone might have a different version of what that means for them. Some will see this as events in their personal life while others will continue to keep their hopes high at work.

Luckily, there is plenty to look forward to but also quite a healthy wait time. You don’t need to put much effort personally but you will have to deal with a lot of people to make sure things go according to plan.

And this is exactly where problems are due to occur. In some cases you are going to be quite emotional and involved and in others you will probably raise your guard up. This might become slightly confusion for those who you are working with.

Confusing times

You are very hard to read, especially during the first week of May. Most likely, this is because you are very focused on what you want to achieve. Some natives will come with their preconceived notions and is going to take a while to move them to something else.

It is quite hard to understand your intentions, even when you believe you are very straight forward. This might come as a remark from your partner as well, although they won’t suffer because of this in any way.

You do enjoy when people are honest with you and this is something that will continue to be appreciated at you, throughout this month. Around the 5th, you will have to participate in quite a difficult meeting.

Travel ahead

Time of harmony predicted as the month continues and it seems that you are avoiding any type of dramatic change that might occur, even if that will help you push your limits.

It is not that you hold too much to your comfort zone, it is more that you don’t feel you have finished with this stage you are in now.

Some useful news are going to come to you, along with a small proposal of travel, around the 15th of May. Although this will mostly involve business, you will do your best to insert some pleasure in there as well.

This will function as an interesting build up to what expects you next in an outing with friends. You will surprisingly manage to be the life and soul of the whole event.

Distracting events

Whether you will have the time of your life or not at the aforementioned social event, you surely will pick up some interesting contacts. The single natives might even combine a love interest with something that has to do with a work opportunity.

Being in the company of your friends, you will see things like them and this is not really a good thing because it might drag you down from your build up motivation.

It is important to keep your own path and don’t necessarily assume that other’s lives are easier and that by following their example, yours might be too. You should be allowed to explore but try not to be radical about the choices you are making.

Around the 21st, you are in great shape physically so you are advised to consume this energy you have somewhere. Just beware not to get into any accident, especially if you haven’t exercised in a while.

Tension increasing

Starting from the 24th on, everything will be about information and who knows more. You are putting great price on these things and this might bring you in a situation where you dismiss your own intuition because you trust the facts.

There will be a lot of nervous tension associated to this and perhaps this might put a strain on your relationship as well, especially if you take these things with you at home and don’t leave them at work.

Not many natives will enjoy understanding in this regard from their families and this might make some get more drawn inside.

If you are trying to see the half full side of the glass, it should be noted that this could be an occasion for more reflection.

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