Capricorn May 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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A promising May ahead with calm periods intertwined with more active times when you will need to get all your attention out. Hard work will not be the key element this month so you will need to bring out your other qualities, such as your analytical spirit and hidden intuition.

Whilst the aspects the Moon forms may give you a bit of a headache, especially in the territory of emotions, you will remain confident and resist any temptation.

Extra strength may come from someone you haven’t seen in a while and who will make a surprise reappearance in your life, just as you are trying to upgrade something in your life.

This person may be able to provide you with a fresh point of view. And this is actually fortunate as this month will be all about personal and professional improvement.

There may be moments in which you will be inclined to just follow what everyone is doing, even if you are aware that this is not actually right. You will feel the need to fix everything and everyone, even if this is not realistic at all.


Watch out! An incandescent atmosphere at home around the 12th so you may want to keep to yourself any unconventional ideas you may have. Young natives will have less freedom around this date.

How you deal with small failings

During the first week, frustration may surface as it doesn’t appear like you are receiving the credit you are deserving on the job. The good news is that communication, in the form of some witty words dropped here and there, will fix some of the disgrace.

Someone in your office may carry some opposing views and you will likely be surprised when they finally come clean about this. This may also lead you to have a few days in which you will care less about work.


TOP TIP of the month: Inhibition will be out of the question following the entrance of Uranus in your love house, on the 15th. This marks the beginning of 7 years when Uranus, the planet of transformation will rule over your romantic life. Time to start changing how you love.

With Mars aspecting rather unfavorably Uranus, it seems that tensions are amounting and you are less attentive at what you are doing, therefore, there is quite a high risk of accidents between the 13th and the 19th.

Similarly, it may be that things suddenly break, whether we are talking about tools at work, your computer or the microwave.

Whilst taking out money to fix or replace any personal broken items will not mean a great effort from a financial perspective, from an emotional one, you will feel as if you have failed somehow.

You need to keep away from such thoughts because you don’t manage anything with them but frustrate yourself and your partner.

On the other hand, if you keep your mind clear, there are high chances for creative thoughts to come your away, especially as you are nearing the week commencing the 21st. This is sort of a “make or break” week in which you might discover a passion or some hidden talent.


Astrological aspect of the month: Venus arrives in Cancer on the 19th, prompting you to take better care of yourself and be flirtier than usual. Finally, it appears that there is something you put effort in, and it’s not work related.

What you go for and what actually happens

Friendship related activities will increase, whether you are simply enjoying time with your buddies or you are also doing something productive, either helping them or helping the community alongside them.

Around this time you may want to avoid any financial speculations and the greatest concern is related to you putting an important good, perhaps your home, as guarantee for a risky investment.

This behaviour may also be linked to a misunderstanding you will make between your need to take challenges on board and the kind of endeavors you get involved in, not to mention their associated risks.


Enhance: You should have a think about the way you show affection and try to turn this up a notch. There is no need for surprises or going the extra mile, even an honest conversation about emotions and listening to your partner will mean a lot.

With Venus in Cancer opposing Saturn in your sign, emotions will be running high between the 26th and the end of the month.

You are showing affection more than usual but it appears that it is not enough. It might also be that you have some unrealistic expectations from your partner too.

This is a time to learn a difficult lesson, one of patience and empathy but as well, one that refers to the fact that you cannot switch affection on and off.

You might also have a hard time focusing on meditation and on coming to grips with the earlier mentioned lesson, as it seems that the last week of May will be a rather eventful one at work, perhaps with some job-related travel included as well.

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