Capricorn May 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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This month will definitely favor the professional aspects of your life. Even though it will not be easy for most Capricorns, because they will have some obstacles to overcome, after they have overcome them, they should expect a well-deserved reward.

Your superiors will certainly observe your diligence, so you are one step closer to a career progression. It's enough just to keep on doing the same amount of effort.

If you are in a relationship that is just beginning or not official, the first two weeks of May could turn out to be quite difficult. Tensions and conflicts occur at every step, and if the relationship is not built on a solid basis, the risk of separation is quite high.

Your May issues are also related to health. You are stressed, tired, lifeless, and much work only aggravates these states. Find yourself, from time to time, and moments of respite if you do not want your health to be compromised.

May highlights

But this May is not all bleak because even behind the more difficult moments there will be lessons to learn and further on, when looking back, you will be able to understand why you had to go through these situations.

But before you can connect the dots, try to mend any tensions between you are your loved ones, tensions that are due to arise during the first week of the month, perhaps because everyone is trying to achieve something.

At the middle of the month, you will find yourself quite busy taking advantage of two very important astral configurations: the Mercury Saturn triangle and Mars’s entry into Cancer.

The stars are helping you feel enlightened and you are able to express your ideas with ease and tis clarity will follow you in other life aspects too. You may also be more romantic and affectionate than usual.

There are also chances for you to have a great time socially and shine in your group of friends. Perhaps planning some travel may also keep you busy.

During or around 29 and 30, some challenges may arise at work or health but the harmony you benefit from at home, might help you overcome them.

But be careful at the end of the month as the Mercury Jupiter opposition kind of limits what you can do and you shouldn’t travel too far away from home or get involved in any legal matters, contracts or such, that you don’t understand completely.

Capricorn love horoscope for May

This month, your sentimental life is very intense and overwhelmed with unexpected events or tensions that turn into irremediable attractions - and vice versa.

The New Moon on the 5th takes place in your fifth house and encourages romance, affectionate thoughts, passionate attractions and rediscovery of sexuality.

You are very creative and inspired to express your affection, although in the first half of the month you may be more inclined to jealousy, possessiveness, etc.

Both those who want to give a new impetus to an older relationship and those who wish to seduce someone are favored.

Your fifth house, that of love and flirting, is quite activated this month because it accommodates, Uranus, the Sun, Mercury and Venus throughout the month. So, your emotions will fluctuate along with the characteristics of these planets.

Love can inspire a relaxed optimism and find your life cheer. Perhaps, after long affection, you feel loved again, appreciated, eye-catching in the eyes of the opposite sex, but also in the eyes of the couple, if you are married.

The activity in your love life is also under the auspices of the Full Moon, which may trigger awareness of many natives of their role in other people's lives, including love affairs or marriage.

Career progress this month

You lived a lot in the past to know what you're looking for, native Capricorn. Venus draws luck on your side this month, so you do not have to miss any opportunity. You can get a long-awaited advancement in your career.

All important relationships will go through several stages of steep ups and downs, including partnership and collaboration.

You will be required more involvement and passion in everything you do, and if can’t commit to this, then you will have to find out what you could inspire.

There may also occur some last moment offers that seem like fallen from the sky to save you from a difficult situation at a certain moment, possibly in association with someone from abroad.

But be careful, as there is also an element that can bring bad luck, loss, wastage or subtraction, at a time of distraction. This might be linked to your own rushed decisions or to a negative influence of someone who you already know you have a toxic relationship with.

If you wish to increase your income, in order to get money for your plans, this month you have to capitalize on a passion that makes you work without feeling that you are making an effort.

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