Capricorn November 2015 Horoscope

By Iulia Trandafir on 2015-10-22, 2203 views

Career path to be dotted with questionable temptation. As I am aware of how important career is for you, I will start the Capricorn November 2015 monthly horoscope by underlining the predictions in this regard. The conjunctions the Black Moon will form firstly with Venus and then with Mars in Libra will bring interesting developments influencing your socio-professional image and authority.

Friendly transits through Virgo

These two aspects might be seen as great temptation for you to reach a higher position by gaining some partners, by making alliances with people who are in the picture and so on. It’s not basically wrong, but the astrological aspects suggest, there is the risk of using wrong means or tools in order to achieve what you think you need.

I refer here to making compromises that afterwards might become a grindstone to carry further on your career path. And those compromises are stirred by your desire to be invested with trust and power and that is why you are inclined to act as you suppose people trust and follow. 

The planetary transits through Virgo, especially at the beginning of the month, are the only transits involving a mutable sign hopefully friendly for your sign during November. Even so, Jupiter, Venus and Mars through Virgo mustn’t make you to demanding in ethical or professional matters as such conduct could lead to tense social relations.

Acceptance and empathy are solutions for communication

But as I was suggested, there are other planetary aspects on mutable signs that will be more challenging for Capricorns. The most difficult time to deal with will be during the last decade of the month, when truth can be either hard to bear or to express. Differences of culture, language, mentality, social status and so on can prove to be hard burdens.

To avoid telling all you have to say or to avoid communication itself is not a solution. It will only bring more confusion. Acceptance of differences and using empathy are the best options in the tense circumstances the aspects between Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces are going to form.

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