Capricorn November 2016 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-10-23, 4170 views

This November will challenge you and come with some indecent proposals in all kinds of territories of your life. Sounds enticing and you want to know more? Well, too bad because there is also a new rule in the game. A lot of things will be uncovered as you go ahead and get more involved in certain directions.

This month unravels depending on your choices and you can expect some wildly different routes, even if you change your mind just for a bit. The following will try to get you in the know about the starting points and what prospective first choices you might have to make.

Should we start with your love life? The single natives are going to benefit from the most fun but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they need to get their hearts out there.

This is a great time to meet someone new and although they might be present for more than a night in your life, it will take a bit longer to figure things with them. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to take yourself out of the market either.

What happens at work and where?

And speaking about the market, there is quite a big competition going on in the work place. In some cases, this is obvious and has to do with something that is official, while in others, everything is going on hidden.

A closer friendship you have developed with a colleague might open new channels for you and you might find out something you didn’t even think of. So who is that exciting person in the office who you know for sure is different and does all sorts of things?

Chasing this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue being professional and diplomatic with everyone else. On the contrary, around the 10th you might be offered the chance to turn the cheek on someone who did something wrong to you in the past and now they are coming to you for help.

Be the bigger person and you will not only help them and get some karma points, but you will surely feel quite satisfied with their surprise at your behavior.

Work your magic

You won’t be needing to speak a lot around the 15th but what you will say will definitely have an impact on those around, especially in your personal life. So enjoy this magnetism you have during those days and put it to great use.

You won’t necessarily be able to manipulate people in supporting you if they don’t agree with you but there are enough chances you can convince those who have similar opinions. Some natives will actually be helped by this follow they are creating now.

This month is great for getting energy from others and what they are doing. At the same time, you are quite spiritual so you might be able to uncover some hidden meanings in what others are saying.

Look at how important people or people you admire, behave because you will have to learn a lot during this time.

Words with impact

Venus is prompting you again towards matters of the heart, in the second half of the month but you are taking everything with a grain of salt.

You crave for romance and true connection but there may be some things you and your partner need to discuss before that.

This brings us at those moments of straight forwardness that you are not always fond of making use. It seems that this November you don’t dread them, on the contrary, you prefer them to useless chit chat.

You may be too harsh at times and actually scare your audience. Look at their reaction and try to interpret what they might be thinking so you can prevent things from going in a different direction.

Money matters

The current disposition will also look at ways to make you gain more money, if this is what you are after. Because other natives might be looking for obtaining a different position or amassing power.

Mars keeps an eye on your spending and on what you invest so don’t be surprised if you will feel these odd impulses. The finer observer you are of your own reactions, the more calculated and self-controlled you will be.

Some purchases can be postponed; some others are just frivolous indulgencies. On the other side, with investments, you might actually benefit from an eye you don’t usually have at these kinds of things.

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