Capricorn November 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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Venus moves in your zodiac sign at the beginning of the month and, as a consequence, your entire personality becomes warmer and your thoughts take a turn for the better.

You have a great need to connect well with others right now, so you are willing to compromise to maintain harmony, making an impression that is favourable to everyone.

And over the next year, Jupiter in Scorpio suggests that your friends will be of considerable benefit to you and that you will probably get more involved in group activity.

You will be in the spotlight for some time this month, managing to make new friends, perhaps become part of a group that has the same ideals as you. It appears that your motivations and goals will play a very important part in your actions this month.

Towards the end of the month you also become more aware of some romantic feelings that you may have recently tried to hide, even from yourself. Tune in to your subconscious impulses and perhaps you will even learn something new about yourself.

November highlights

The harmonious period that awaits you in November can be used to your professional advantage. Do not be afraid to talk to your colleagues or boss, because during this time, you will benefit from understanding and good words.

During the first week you will be a lot more open than usual to making new acquittances and may even end up working with some old colleagues of yours.

Around the 10th it would be advisable not to respond to the tensions that are manifesting between you and your superiors. During or around the 15th a favourable framework is created to start a partnership or a couple relationship.

During the second half of November your future plans and projects are evolving faster than you would expect, but keep in mind that the rush hurts sometimes. Take the time to breathe and meditate.

After the 29th you may find it difficult to divide between the sentimental and the social life. You show charisma and charm but you can’t trick absolutely everyone.

Capricorn love horoscope for November 2019

At the beginning of the month it is better not to rush to make sentimental decisions: neither to resume an old relationship, nor to start a new one, nor to break away from your current partner.

This is because you tend to interpret everything exaggeratedly and distort reality, starting from details about which you do not even know if they are real.

In discussions with your other half, be open and honest, say what you feel, not what you think they would like to hear. Think positively, do not consider the most dramatic scenarios and you will see that you will feel much better.

You have a passionate love this month, but you have to be careful about any occasion to travel together because some reactions could cause serious quarrels between you and your lover.

If you are the happiest today, tomorrow you may only feel hatred, your mood will change very quickly. If you give up reproaching things to others, you will enjoy quieter days.

Career and finances progress this month

Teamwork is good this month, the chances of success being higher if you work with those around you.

If you are involved in business, then you will most likely be around the right person with the right skills to achieve the desired professional success. It takes strong nerves and a lot of work!

An inner voice urges you to pause a bit on plans that seemed to be slowly evolving on a safe ground, but this time you feel that you have lost sight of something, which, if not resolved now, may unbalance all your plans.

During the middle of the month, it will seem like all roads lead back to the source of your problems. If you see all sorts of coincidences showing in your path, you should consider them.

Take a moment to ponder on what is happening, because now you see things differently, you also have the concrete tools to repair the sensitive points, not just the desire to get rid of them.

Do not be surprised that many projects go back, this month, stay in place or lose importance, it is normal given the retrogrades of the planets, but even a step back has its purpose.

It helps you to understand what you didn't understand at first, to discover the weak point you overlooked, to dig for answers, to look elsewhere for solutions.

Health and wellbeing

On the 5th of the month, a tense aspect of the square is formed between Mars from Libra and Pluto from Capricorn. This could be rather harsh on your thoughts and motivation, filling you in with negative thoughts that could in turn impact your nervous system.

Stay away from pessimism and tone down the tension you are experiencing with meditation and superfoods. Power up with vitamins, fruits and vegetables and cut down on the sugar and alcohol and you will be surprised at the immediate effect you will experience.

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