Capricorn October 2015 Monthly Horoscope

By Iulia Trandafir on 2015-09-23, 2420 views

Agreements, as revealed by the Capricorn October 2015 monthly horoscope, need to be reached for your career to advance 

Until October 9, chances are for career-related discussions to be delayed, suddenly changed or they might bring revealing information on some partners. But much as you would feel the urge to react and make decisions as answer to such developments, it’s better to postpone.

A positive outcome of this retrograde transit would be meeting old partners or collaborators with whom you may discuss old career projects. 

Heated moments

After October 10, once Mercury goes direct again through your tenth astrological house, agreements on a long term basis for your professional position and social image are desirable, but not easy to be reached.

Especially after October 20, a square to Pluto and an opposition to Uranus show difficulties. In the first case they are stirred by the conflict between your strong ambitions to be in control and the equal rights a fair partnership requires.

In the second case, it seems to appear a tension between your determination to base your growth on freedom of action and individual projects and the need for making compromises in order to gain a higher socio-professional status. This could be felt like an inner turmoil.

Rigid principles being hard to respect

Jupiter, Mars and Venus transiting through Virgo might be felt like beneficial time for you as this sign has a high compatibility with yours. You seem to know what you want, to set clear rules, to approach projects with responsibility and morality.

And you may achieve consistent results especially at the end of October thanks to your focus, persistence and determination. But this system working so easily for Capricorns is not as easy to be followed by others.

They might find it rigid and collaborators or colleagues could try to escape such a system and in the end, that will disturb your plans.

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