Capricorn October 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-09-25, 3959 views

Advancement is probably the best word for this October but you need to be careful with what you wish because a lot of that comes with a lot more responsibility than you would like. Also, you might have to leave diplomacy aside in some occasions and actually say what you have to say.

Not only you will feel freed but it will be easier to interact with those people in the future. A lot of expectations will see some kind of resolve, although not necessarily the one you wanted.

Spending time with different people will give you more than a sense of diversity but will also help you come to grips with certain things about you.

It seems that many of the events of this October will bring acceptance in your life, make you feel more comfortable with yourself and those around and perhaps will slow you down in areas in which you were speeding.

A bit of this and a bit of that

You have a thing or two to dispute during the first week and this means you will have some bitter words ready to roll off your tongue at all times. But perhaps this is just a bit of rebellion and not something anyone should worry about.

Moving away from this, around the 8th you might have to deal with some kind of social outing, perhaps with colleagues from work. Although at first you might find this a bit awkward, you will eventually see that everyone is in a good mood and there was no reason for worry.

More than usual, you prefer to dig for the root of the problem and then try addressing that rather than go for a quick fix.

This will help you more in your personal life and this patience you prove now will extract a lot more benefits than you can imagine, and this, in the near future.

Love and temptation

Be careful with gossip and don’t take everything you hear for granted, especially when you are not sure of the source. This will prove useful especially at work.

Although you might feel you are better than these situations. Some things happen and you need to have an answer ready.

Also, a bit of temptation might surround the office and the idea of an idyll there might come across your mind. The single natives might have a green light on that, although they should proceed with caution too.

In general, you are trying to keep your feelings away from the eyes of the curious and, at times, you hide them so well that not even your partner is completely of aware of them.

Mars contributes to this whole boiling situation so surely you will end up living some passionate moments with someone.

Maybe too direct

Around the 16th, you prefer a direct approach in everything you do but this also means you take your chances with appearing a bit too strict in the eyes of those around.

There may be this moment of clash here and there, when you meet and equally powerful personality, but, overall, things are going to go in the direction you want them to.

A female presence in your life might teach you a thing or two about how you can refine your behavior and you might come from this meeting with a trick or two up your sleeve.

Self-confidence is at a record high around the 20th and you really need to take advantage of that. Maybe tackle one of those jobs you’ve been ignoring and postponing for a couple of months.

How about money

Financially speaking you could do better but this is also related to the time you invest in this direction and, given what is above, you might be a little distracted this month.

The good things you have already set on a sturdy pedestal are continuing to move in the right direction. Someone from the past or someone from abroad might open a new horizon for you but at first, you will probably be too reluctant to follow up on that.

Investment wise, you need to be careful because although opportunities might come in your circle, their risk is directly proportional with the reward. Some native might not be in the position to take such chances at the moment, no matter how much they wish they could.

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