Capricorn October 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-09-24, 3940 views

Dear Capricorn, prepare for a month of laughter and unexpected entertainment but also a month of tense moments and of not knowing exactly what to say. It seems that your enthusiasm related to some activities will be very obvious and contagious.

Whilst you won’t have any major personal issues to deal with, you will still be faced with the prospect of having to help others with what they are experiencing.

Also, you might find that you will need to deal with some criticism from those close to you, perhaps coming from them being too well intentioned towards you but not really understanding where you are headed.

Opportunities in love

You may be required to travel this October if you want to accomplish something in your love life and you will also need to think twice before you speak.

Either that you are following your loved one somewhere in order for them to accomplish a dream of some sort or that you need to take a journey to meet someone you case about, you really are going to enjoy making plans for this.

On a different note, you are quite stubborn and you might not do things as they are expected of you, starting from being late to where you need to be or by making last minute changes.

When it comes to how much of what you feel can be expressed, you may easily notice that during the second half of the month, you are not coming across like you would wish to.

A comfortable place at work

It seems that the current disposition will endeavor to make things quite easy for you at work so you won’t be dealing with too many unknown situations or unpleasant surprises. The main pet peeve for you will be related to things you need to do on the spot.

Don’t be surprised also if, around the 12th, you might need to brush off someone else’s concerns and this will put you in quite a sensible situation, as, you are not sure of what is to happen next, yourself.

But the best advice for you in order to steer clear of this uncertainty, is to stick to being honest, give as much information as you can but also pop in there a disclaimer about your own place in the story and how no one can be certain for sure.

You might also find that demands at home are lowering, perhaps because your partner is sensing that you need some time to just deal with work.

Healthy times ahead … but stressful

The current disposition will put a lot of pressure on you in terms of how you handle stress but otherwise, you might find that the days are reasonable. You are not complaining of any new health concerns and seem to be keeping the old ones in control.

Some natives will be quite busy helping others with health issues and won’t even have time to think of their own. The only word of caution refers to stress and its effects, such as a tendency of yours to resort to comfort foods.

You are allowed these small excesses for a couple of days but just make sure that you are not making a habit out of this.

False pretenses

You are going to be very picky throughout the month and will make life particularly miserable for your friends who are going to be dealing with all your choices.

Especially when things are comfortable for everyone, you might end up coming with a strange demand or an unexpected complain.

You will enjoy playing the victim just to get everyone’s attention and when this doesn’t work, you won’t be afraid to use even more dramatic behavior. This might come as a surprise, especially for those who know you for your peaceful demeanor, but, you know what … everyone can have their time of acting slightly crazy.

After the 28th, good news from afar will put you in a better mood and some natives may even prepare for a journey to visit relatives or friends whom they haven’t seen in a long time.

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