Capricorn October 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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This October will be all about selection dear Capricorn, both in personal and professional life. You will be given enough chances to read people’s behaviours and their intentions so it will be up to you to then react.

You are allowed this month to make choices as to whom you want next to you. Surprisingly, you may feel less pressure about personal connections and more pressure about the people you interact with at work.

There may be some moments in which you will feel slightly paralyzed by all sort of thoughts and worries but ultimately, you will move past those and take the decisions you will feel most comfortable with.


Astrological aspect of the month: The Mercury Jupiter conjunction occurring on the 29th will see you worry about small details but will also make you very observant and perhaps will offer you a chance to show your negotiation and diplomacy skills.

The truth is in the small details

During the first week of the month, up until the New Moon in Libra occurring on the 9th, you are going to be slightly harsh with those around. You will expect quick results and if those are not coming, you will keep trying to find people to blame.

You may also feel as if your work is being shadowed by the priorities of those around and that you are not getting enough credit for your work.

It is important not to let these frustrations pile up and to focus going forward on your potential, not to mention that you will be faced with some socializing opportunities, around the 10th.

There isn’t much activity amongst the stars this October that will influence you majorly but you will most certainly find that the consequences of your actions will be felt as we progress into the next month.

Around the middle of the month you will keep feeling the need to pick up fights, whether for good or no reason. It’s not even that you are aggressive or similar, it’s just a need to keep being in the attention of those close.

With the Sun square Pluto aspect and the Mercury Saturn sextile debuting around the 12th, you will be very focused on the little aspects of what you do at work and will be quite irritated at seeing how others are working.

You need to be careful about overstepping and imagining things or about how much advice you give to those around because it is not really in your remit to teach people how to work, especially not your colleagues.

On the other hand, you can focus your attention on your personal life, perhaps on the lives of your friends and surely there is impact to be created there.

The word of caution towards you, especially during the second half of the month, refers to being careful not to respond with aggressiveness when you feel aggressiveness from others. You will need to show that you are the better person.

Always be aware of the force of your words and their impact especially around the 22nd, when the Mercury Pluto sextile may bring some misunderstandings in your life.

Special: Your love life this October

This October debuts with a few tensions in your romantic sector as Venus is retrograding in your eleventh house. This means that you should expect a little trouble from your friends, perhaps someone close is meddling in your relationship.

Expect some confusions and for people to draw some silly conclusions out of these moments of confusion. Some of these instances will prove more problematic than others, especially if those affected have only been in that relationship for a short while.

But moving away from this, the skies will clear as we are approaching the middle of the month and it seems that the single natives are going to discover the charm of someone that was always, on and off, in their lives, but whom they never considered for a relationship.

This is a good time for all sort of practical activities so avoid the standard dinner dates and try to do something that is both fun and exciting. You might find that spending time with a particular person just feels so normal and comfortable.

Feelings of security might also be in the spotlight and you will be surprised to realize that your priorities have sort of changed and you are regarding a relationship with completely different eyes. It may be that this has happened for a while now but you are just coming to the realization.

The Full Moon on the 24th will secure your thoughts further and will make you quite comfortable with your choices, despite some domestic misunderstandings that might occur.

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