Capricorn October 2021 Monthly Horoscope

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October will be a favorable month in which emotions are going to increase in power and intensity. You have a very good intuition, so bad things can’t happen. Starting with October 12th, many opportunities that are linked together will come your way, and you need to use your creativity in order to attract them.

In case you have been hesitating to start a project, just let go of your doubts. If you have been thinking about making some personal changes, go ahead and do them. Stop thinking about the past. The way you see love may change.

In order for you to overcome some of your emotional fears, it will so happen that the planets will teach you how to be more trusting and focused on moving forward.

Your family relations are going to become stronger as a result of no altercations for the entire month. You have a calm period when it comes to your personal life. Things will evolve in a positive manner, bringing about changes you have been ready for.

October 2021 Highlights

Capricorns are going to have an increasingly intense and rather chaotic month of October. They will feel as if their immediate is more demanding, so they may very likely feel overwhelmed and lonely.

However, they could use this time period to analyze themselves and their own emotions, to develop some strategies on how they should feel about what’s happening in their everyday life.

The stars are predicting for them a future in which their professional life is going change in a subtle and gradual manner, becoming more and more important for them.

Perhaps they will get to do for a living what they have always dreamed of, or maybe one of their hobbies is going to turn into a career. No matter what, they should only count on people they trust to help them with their job.

Capricorn Love Horoscope for October

October 2021 will be very enjoyable for Capricorn couples, also calm. The asteroid Eros, which represents lust, is going to be in the sign of Sagittarius, increasing their libido and need for intimacy.

Jupiter and Ceres will also be influenced by the Archer, so Capricorns will become more aware of how much they need to expand, to set new goals for themselves and go on adventures. Single Goats will want more to go out and discover themselves, even to be in new relationship, as a result of Chiron being in retrograde in the 5th House of Sagittarius.

Their need to accept themselves for whom they are is going to increase, and they will want to keep what makes them wild hidden from others.

What they need to remember is that Neptune is retrograde in the 4th House of Sagittarius, together with Lilith here too, puts an emphasize on internal conflicts that has them having to go out of their comfort zone if they want to grow.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Capricorns shouldn’t make any modifications to what they have already established until October 13th, especially in the financial, business and signing of contracts sectors.

Starting with October 14th, and more between October 24th and the 27th, things in their life are going to improve, and they will receive the rewards for all their work efforts.

Many of them will have the opportunity to expand professionally, to be recognized by their superiors for their real value. The money situation will be stable and as usually.

You will have to spend in order to make more, in spite of the success you’re going to have in your career. Your family won’t offer any financial support because you don’t want them to. It’s very likely you will need to take a second job if you want to earn more.

Your Wellbeing This Month

It’s expected for Capricorns’ bodies to be overexerted by the difficulties and tensions the natives are going to go through in October. If they don’t express themselves, not talk about their problems, they may become very stressed and bring chaos into their health.

This is why they should avoid becoming closed within. Talk to your partner about your problems. He or she doesn’t have to become a part of them. At the same time, try to enjoy your time off by no longer thinking about what you need to solve at work.

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