Capricorn September 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-08-27, 3779 views

You seem to be very focused on the material side of things this September and it is exactly from where you concentrate all your energy and efforts that results are going to come.

The only word of caution is to be careful with expectations from those around because not everyone has the same priorities as you. It may be that you let yourself distracted along your own path and then start criticizing others for not being more like you.

This September may also bring some sort of romantic breakthrough, as it seems that you are now convinced more than ever of your own feelings. Someone in the family might try to push you a bit as well, but you will probably resist that and things will take place in the rhythm you want them do.


With a little bit of courage you will make a great impact in the life of someone close during the first week of September. You are bold and have the pride to stand by your convictions and will help others do the same.

Some natives will help a friend with money but will also make a big deal out of this decision. This is not to say that their intentions are not pure.

You may also come between two friends who have been in a long time conflict and you will try to mend things. This will take a while but you seem to prove you are equipped with the level of patience required for this.

Fiery and easily bored

The current disposition is also moving your thoughts towards the superficial side of things and you will find yourself, all of a sudden, a lot more interested in your appearance, than you generally are.

Following up on this, perhaps it is not a bad time to start going to the gym or get on board with a healthy regimen. Don’t expect to stick to this routine, unless you really are committed because this September, you are also easily bored.

And being bored will be easily indulged as it seems that you are putting money to work for you and are experiencing all sorts of activities.

Around the 14th, you may be faced with some opposition at work and you will probably react in quite an uncontrolled manner and will end up regretting the way you manifested yourself.

Nostalgia ahead

During the second half of the month you will have some frequent moments of nostalgia and will try to relieve some iconic experiences from your life.

Whilst on the first occasions your family will be reluctant to indulge you, they will get a sense of what you are doing and will probably jump on board.

We should also note that you will also play an important role in convincing them. You will chase foods you haven’t eaten in ages, try to travel to places you used to go and may also reconnect with some people from your past, people you haven’t spoken to in a long time.

Although they will be surprised, their reactions won’t phase you and you are likely to continue with this quest of yours about the past. Natives with siblings are likely to share the fun with them and might come up to some interesting conclusions about their lives.

Back to work

The last week of September will drag you back with your feet on the ground, whether you want it or not, especially because of some new developments in your professional life.

Either that you attend an interview or take part in a meeting that will prove of importance for your growth in your current workplace, you will need to prepare.

And what better way to prepare than reminding yourself of achievements and trying to brainstorm new ideas for the future. Beware of getting any colleague involved in this, no matter how much you trust them, because you never know what other personal plans they might have.

On the same note, try to stay away from the usual work gossip because something you come across in one of these sessions might complicate things for you ahead.

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