Capricorn September 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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Let’s start with a small warning to be alert this September because it seems that there may be some challenges on their way to get you. There may be moments of great luck and others in which you might feel as if all that could go wrong is actually happening.

This is not one of those moments when you can cruise around, doing whatever you please, without a thought about the possible consequences.

This is a month in which you are expected to be very calculated and the more strategy you introduce in your life, the greater the chances for you to seize many auspicious moments and also the smaller the risk to encounter unlucky moments.

You should be open to what is going on around you this beginning of September because the Moon in Aries is setting the right tone for the start and brings some clarity in your life too.

There may be a tendency, during the first half, to overlook some really useful life lessons and to disregard the meaning of any difficult times.

If you understand that this month is great for connecting the dots, you will end up feeling a lot more in control and comfortable with your life.


TOP TIP of the month: A great deal of inspiration might actually surface from the planetary aspects formed in your Ninth house, meaning you might end up traveling, preparing to travel, researching some very complex subjects or preparing to go back to your studies.

Attracted to different kinds of people

The Mercury trine Uranus aspect starting on the 6th will encourage you towards the artistic side of life and you will wish to be in the company of eccentric people.

This is a great aspect for friendships that may have started some time ago but then life got in the way and there was no time to develop them.

Aspects of loyalty and ethics might come into play and most certainly, you are not going to be judgmental but will not look twice either to someone who is exhibiting a doubtful character.


Astrological aspect of the month: Saturn trine Uranus may cause a little bit of disruption by creating the occasion for you to take a life altering decision. But you will benefit from increased alertness and intuition so things are not going to be as difficult as they seem.

Towards the middle of the month, specifically with the Jupiter sextile Pluto aspect occurring on the 12th, you will feel that success can arrive in your life through positive change.

You are going to be open to any opportunities to try new things and although you will be rather reluctant to get out of your comfort zone, you will still wish to act upon these impulses.

This aspect is associated with an increase in one’s social status and influence and it may be that you manage to increase your wealth through the ideas you are gathering whilst you are spending time with a very important bunch of people.

The Sun square Saturn aspect taking place around the 23rd might prove to be a challenging one, meaning that some days will appear to be either motionless or very distracting.

You are going to feel as if you are restricted in the choices you can make, although this is not necessarily the case.

It is important that you continue to focus on your day to day responsibilities and don’t let yourself demotivated by anything else that is taking place around you.

Some natives will find a little moment of peace within their family but might not open completely there either.


Enhance! Someone older than you might help you with some advice on how to overcome this disposition, and it all has to do with your patience and determination.

Special: Your love life this September

Some turbulence in your love life will ensure that you are not getting bored this September, with some surprises on your door step as well.

With Venus on the move towards Scorpio on the 9th and squaring Mars, some contradictions might seep into your social life and you might not be able to show your most charming side.

The fact that you are also doubting some moments and don’t make the best out of them, will most likely keep you stuck.

It may be that you are going to meet someone special through your friends but then it will be very difficult to get a hold of this person again, perhaps because you didn’t take their full name or number, and you will feel a little embarrassed to ask your friends.

With Uranus in your love house you might be slightly inclined towards flirting, as the month reaches the end, but you are not really progressing further from this point.


Watch out! Beware of flaunting gifts or other possessions because these are not going to create the kind of image you wish to have in front of a potential love interest.

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