Gemini April 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-03-28, 2734 views

This April is going to be somewhat of a balancing act with a few moments of deception and some others of optimism but most of the time will be spend roaming endlessly between different work and personal tasks.

Around the 9th you’ll get some clarity and help in solving some problems that, although pretty blunt, have been some kind of mystery for you.

However, don’t get involved in anything shady or accept any meetings with people you don’t know because this is not a period of assumed risk. And perhaps this won’t even be necessary as your initiative from the beginning will conduct you on a simpler path.

Testing the water

For some natives this might result in some financial gain, but of course, this will be as resultant of an anterior effort. Not a bad time if you really want to sign yourself onto a credit, especially if it is for an important good or perhaps for a home.

At home on the other hand, the simplest path is filled with conflict and discussions over petty things as Saturn and Mars are really testing the waters. You will see this evolving and feel a bit stuck, not knowing where to start the mending process or something for the relationship.

Luckily, the middle of the month might come with some occasions for you to take things from mundane, perhaps some work related party or a fancy dinner for a particular occasion.

The key for you to maintain healthy relationships is not to be overly dramatic about what is going on around because although people might be polite enough to ask you how things are going, you are not necessarily supposed to take this on the high road and start spilling all your complaints.

Discovery time

What you will also learn in April is that even someone you considered somewhat of an enemy, or at least a person you didn’t really fancy, even they can show some support and compassion, similar to a long standing friend.

Talking about friends, they will come in great help around the 17th but their expectations are also high so you need to ensure you are able to make up for their favors. However, quality encounters are set to happen and thus a mean to transport new information and find out about new trends of ideas.

It wouldn’t actually be the worst of moments if in between this fuss you will focus on a professional initiative, perhaps transforming a hobby into a long standing activity with the associated financial gain. Mercury won’t let you have a moment of peace at home with your loved one but can help you with making your ideas stand out.

Persistence in all matters

Some personal deception is ought to happen around the 25th, thus that week won’t really start under the best auspices. Perhaps you are ought to be disappointment or it’s just that your expectations were way too high to begin with.

Some of your initiatives might be met with praise while others with reluctance but it seems that you are not really in the mood to take no for an answer and will be overly persistent with some personal matters, just to see them go through.

And it might also happen that once they are half way to completion you’ll get bored and drop them, leaving everyone baffled and not really understanding what you actually wanted. It’s in moments like these that you show your lack of commitment so don’t be surprised as to why you are not receiving the help you think you might deserve in other matters.

Trying to run

Towards the end of the month, some natives might feel quite battered about this whole agitation and might feel the need to retreat on their own.

Depending on personal situations, for some this might be fairly easy while for others, this will require an amount of planning. Again some will be willing to do it and go to extreme lengths just to get a peaceful moment on their own while others will give up and just accept their fate or how they call it.

However, maybe you are not very clear about what you want either and perhaps you should be informed that there might be some spiritual endeavors you can benefit from that don’t necessarily require isolation.

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