Gemini April 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-03-26, 3281 views

You seem to be quite hesitant at the beginning of this April and this might end up directing the rhythm of a lot of your days. Although optimistic and seeing almost everything through red tinted lenses, you still have your moments when you doubt, even your own choices.

This might be happening because you are also tired, don’t seem to rest properly and this doesn’t let your brain get creative either. Luckily, there will be small successes that will happen along the way and that will remind you of what you are capable of.

And it seems that with these moment, some admirers will come as well. Single natives are going to be most benefited by this, not to mention that opportunities of this kind will give them an occasion to dress up, get back in the game and show what they are capable of.

Take care

During the first week of April you are advised to be patient with those around you as there is quite a high risk of conflict. You are quick to snap and others are not very acceptant of this behavior either.

It doesn’t really matter who started and what, it is just that you don’t really have any chances to win something that starts under these auspices.

Under the same note, don’t expect too much from those around you because you might be disappointed.

Even the support of those close may have a limit and there are chances you will hit it during these days. It is best to do whatever you know you can do best and wait for better times to engage others in more complex activities.

What’s lurking

Around the 12th, you seem to get responsible at your own accord all of a sudden and now you are actually the one that can be depended upon. There is peace and quiet around so in case you are searching for drama or stories to be the hero in, there won’t really be any.

This doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot of work in the office that you can tend to. Some natives will have to travel and although there is some excitement involved in the whole thing, they will quite see it as a chore.

Be prepared for unexpected meetings and activities to just pop up. The lighter you take them and the less you think of how unfair they are to be happening, the easier it is going to be. If you spend time with angry thoughts, you will lose all motivation.

Learning a thing or two

It seems that the arrival of the second half of April will challenge some assumptions you make in regards to people you meet. It seems that more than once you will be proven wrong. This should be a lesson to remember, especially because you often judge others straight away.

Someone that is owing you something might pay their debt, meaning that you have some spending money.

Don’t imagine this will turn into a pampering session but perhaps you can repay yourself for some hard work you did or motivate yourself to get to it.

What you need to be careful with is any misunderstandings that arise from things you promise to do, especially when family is involved. Around the 17th, you might be pressured into participating to an event or something similar and you won’t really be able to say no.

Very sociable

It seems that the last week of the month favors all sorts of conversations, whether these take place in the company of people you know or people you’ve just met. You also seem to be a lot more open to exchanging all sort of information.

You have this idea and you would like to follow it but at the same time are not very sure about how others will react. It will take you a while and a pick up of morale to act upon this but when you will finally do, even yourself will be surprised as to why you postponed this for so long.

Activities that involve people younger than you seem to bring fresh air and new ideas so don’t avoid them on false preconceptions.

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