Gemini April 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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This April your actions will be centered around the conviction that the only way to achieve happiness is by pursuing your hopes, with disregard to anything else that is going on. It may be that this is going to work to an extent. You need to understand that you need to include those dear to you in your plans.

On a related note, your personal commitments are going to take a lot more of your time than professional activities this month but you don’t seem in a big hurry to produce financial results so this is not going to bother you much.

During the second half of the month you will be most inclined to develop your talents and your self-confidence may get an incredible boost following the recognition of something you do very well, by an influential person in your life.

You may just want to be careful about any hasty decisions though because this is not really the best of times for new initiatives and it seems that the most favorable results are going to come out of well thought, hard worked projects.


Enhance! With Jupiter in the sign of Scorpio, it’s time to learn, whether it is continuing education classes or going for specializing in your chosen area. A little investment in yourself now will be very much worth it later on.

Get organized

Under the Sun conjunct Mercury the first few days of April will keep you very busy mentally and your inclination will be to increase the stake by taking on board even more work.

This is a great time to get organized for the rest of the month, however, you may want to leave creative endeavors aside and focus on tasks that require logic and analysis.

Consider yourself warned not to rush into finishing any old projects either because you will produce more harm than good. Whilst circumstances might change, you must also recognize that you need to stay truthful to your initial beliefs and be patient.

During the first week, you may also be hit by a financial issue, most likely caused by a friend and you may need to take care of some additional responsibilities, like paying a debt. This will in turn result in a more cautious version of yourself, and after the 8th, you will not be willing to take risks.

You may however, use this time to learn a new skill, something that will end up benefiting more members of your family.


TOP TIP of the month: The New Moon in Aries will tend to clarify your existence and will bring your focus towards the small and most important aspects in your life. A great moment to sit down and meditate. You might want to put your thoughts down on paper.

A journey of change

Mercury in the sign of Aries favors you Gemini, more than you would imagine. All sort of communications will be favoured and you may also find yourself investing time and effort in novelty ideas. On the other hand, you should also remember that a Mercury retrograde, as it is the case, will not be of help when it comes to legal papers and contracts to sign.

After the 14th, once the peak of Jupiter sextile Pluto has passed, you can successfully embark on a journey of change, both at home and at work. The greatest chances will be carried by activities that come naturally, as a development of skills and passion.

You should not let any minor issues, like criticism from peers, set you back. The more novel the basis of your change, the more reluctance you should expect. Should you be successful in practice, you will find that this is also a great time for social activities and for going out, perhaps even for behaving a little recklessly.

You shouldn’t be looking into any investments, even if you have money aside, unless you benefit from the advice of an unbiased specialist.

The New Moon on the 15th will influence you towards new goals but you should remember your recent changes and be patient in waiting for the results before doing anything else.


Astrological aspect of the month: The Mars sextile Jupiter aspect, developing between the 21st and 25th, will uncover a sexier, braver and more determined version of yourself. This is a great time for physical activities and for being in the spotlight.

Oh, the dreaded love woes

New horizons may be expected in your love life during the second half of the month but you are not truly listening to your heart, nor to your desires. You first need to understand yourself and your current situation better.

With Jupiter retrograde, you shouldn’t hurry into any sentimental decisions. Unless you understand that being in a bad company is worse than being alone, you are in for trouble.

Between the 16th and the 20th, the Sun conjunct Uranus aspect is getting everyone to act a bit rebellious so you will be plagued with a million questions. Your self-awareness is enhanced; however, you tend to only listen to thoughts that validate previous opinions.

You are sort of playing a game of wanting to be free but at the same time not wanting to move from what you already know and what feels comfortable. Not one time will you actually stop to wonder what conditions actually make you happy and what sort of person you want in your company, now and for the next couple of years.

Some health concerns surfacing around the 17th may bring you with your feet on the ground, but only temporarily. There is some praise to be given here, for how well you handle the situation and for the little scenario making that will occur.


Watch out! With Mercury retrograde, the downsides of this April contain miscommunications, technology breakdowns and a general, anxious feeling. Tackling tasks one step at a time may give you more control, therefore more peace of mind.

Lust for travel

The 24th, marks the great entrance of Venus in your sign, with an increase in fertility, attractiveness and passion. You are definitely more predisposed to love games and take things easier and this disposition will create more romantic opportunities.

Aside from this, the planet of beauty will make you more aware of your looks and will increase your sense of style.

This is a great time for any lifestyle changes you may have been keeping hidden in the back of your mind. The less money you need to invest in them, the better you are going to feel. At the end of the day, who doesn’t love a good bargain.

Not spending too much will actually prove to be very important as your financial situation may take a complex turn towards the end of the month. You are advised to cease any investments or any give outs.

The Lunar Eclipse on the 24th will favor travel endeavors so you may need your money for this, perhaps you are being invited by your group of friends to an escapade you cannot refuse.

The only word of caution regarding these great plans may have to do with the stress you will subject yourself whilst preparing for travel. This may be increased by feelings of guilt, especially if you are to leave your significant other or close family members at home.

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