Gemini April 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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This April you should stay most focused on your free time and invest in activities that can enhance your physical and personal development. Of course, you are still expected to stay on top of your game with work as well, but there are not major events going on.

You may be more sentimental than usual, especially when things don’t really go the way you want them to. Little misunderstandings with those around will be of greater impact on you than usual.

You do not have to make a drama out of it because the situations will calm you in the end and you will come to understand with those people wonderfully. It is possible that the reasons for your quarrels are caused by the professional life and the program of one of you!

It is not excluded that this month will make a difference between you and a colleague, but that will not bring you much benefits professionally. The power of concentration will decrease, and work with that person will be made harder.

Your financial situation doesn’t really allow for any risk-taking behaviours or too much shopping so you are challenged to make the most out of the month but also stay frugal.

April highlights

Don’t’ you even dare to think about hibernating this start of April as the New Moon in Aries, occurring on the 5th, is the first signal that your social life needs to be booming with activities.

You will spend the wonderful time with your old friends and you will meet a lot of new and interesting people. If you would like to join an organization or a club, it's time to do it! The stars encourage you to legalize new friendships during this period.

You might be hit with a flurry of anxious thoughts around the 13th and it might take you a couple of days to revive yourself from this mood. The natives who will be more honest with their entourage and who will open up about this might get some good advice but will still need to go through this on their own.

To increase your livelihood, Uranus and Jupiter bring you some good news at a professional level: you're more creative than ever so you will prefer to pause things at work a bit and perhaps focus on your side hustle, and if you don’t have one, then start one.

Things can turn spicy in the bedroom around the 17th but the recommendation is to just be yourself and not pretend you are something that you are not, because this will prove to be very off-putting.

On the 20th you will have a special moment: Saturn, Pluto, the Sun and your governing planet, Mercury, will be aligned on your astral map in a very beneficial position. This should prepare you for the fulfilment of an older desire or achievement that you will be very proud of.

Some tensions might surface around the 26th, as you will be in a rather rebellious mood and will prefer to question anything, especially a person of authority from your life, someone who you don’t really get along with.

Also, this month would be the time for a medical check-up, in case you have neglected this aspect for some time. If you are following a treatment, this is when you will start to feel the improvement.

Gemini love horoscope for April

April will only bring you good news in love! You will have some intimate moments of comfort that will likely bring a smile on your lips. Those who have been in a relationship for a while will also become more erotic and romantic, and if you are alone, a new love comes in your way.

Usually love is not an extremely complicated thing for you, but the beginning of the month will show that sometimes a simple instinctual start to an amorous association is not always the best recipe.

You should be prepared for more delicate reactions and for having to handle some rather intimate questions. Most natives will not feel their love life as a pressing territory this month so they will likely prefer to just go with the flow.

However, during the second half of April, it seems that the status of a confused or misunderstood friendship can cause you some mishaps and you won’t really know how to deal with this.

Things will be the more complicated if you are already in a relationship and this third person is trying to stir things in your life. The likelihood is that you will approach things with maturity and will try to be understanding and tolerant of the other person’s motives but also firm in your choices and in protecting your current relationship.

Career progress this month

With Mars placed right in your sign, be sure that on the professional plan, you will have some good days of vitality and exuberance. You will also be more drawn to novelty and more impulsive than usual.

Be mindful of any gestures that might come across as aggressive or disorganized, even manic, because this is not the style you should be going for.

If you are looking for a job, you know exactly how to place yourself at the top of the rankings made by employers. If you're thinking about choosing to work independently or for a business on your own, the premises are very good - just that you need to adjust your expectations.

Things will not happen overnight, no matter how wonderful you may believe you are, so do approach this with maturity, patience and persistence.

Otherwise, you will not be able to enjoy the progress, but instead you will perceive that what you are doing is not enough. Not being thankful and at peace with yourself, on top of the other challenges that are characteristic to working on your own, will not help.

With Jupiter retrograde in your seventh house, starting the 10th of the month, you might want to keep an eye on any collaboration opportunities and be rather sceptical about others’ motives. If something looks too good to be true, then it probably isn’t.

Towards the end of the month, with both Pluto and Saturn retrograding, pay your debts, don’t accumulate more, and don’t avoid those difficult conversations about money, whether with your partner or in your extended family.

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