Gemini April 2020 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2020-03-24, 4847 views

April will be all about impulsive decisions and about counting on what other people are telling you.

Some news could reach you about your position or status in the community, providing an insight that can be very useful to you now and in the near future.

You may also seek to attain pleasure in a journey which may be the cause of disagreement; cooperation must be taken into account. An illusory feeling of strength in a financial matter could develop but you must be careful not to read too much into a particular situation. You will not be happy when you are looking for a certain reality in this situation.

According to the horoscope, it is not worth focusing too much on your career in April. In this period, Geminis who expect the company and attention of the opposite sex may be a little disappointed if they don’t adapt their expectations.

The activities you should practice in your free time are all about personal and physical development. You can consider it as an investment in the future.

April highlights

One of the best months of the year for Gemini! Thanks to a beautiful planetary cluster in the sign of Fire (Sun and Mercury in Aries) and Air (Venus in Gemini, Mars and Saturn in Aquarius), Fire is action and Air is communication. As a result, your good ideas must be applied immediately.

Your efficiency makes a difference both in practice and when you have to speak. Do you like a project? You have the means to bring it to an end.

At the start of the month, some disagreements might arise, with superiors or someone else important at the workplace, which could have a negative effect on your professional ascension.

From the 5th onwards, you enjoy an extra charm and charisma. During or around the day of 7th, you enjoy a good mental tone, but you can really get stuck if you go through an exam or a bureaucratic process.

From the 16th onwards, a favorable period is announced if you want to implement or extend a project. You also know new people to be on your side.

But during or around the day of 20th, however, you are frightened about the future, a state which may continue until the 27th, when your mental state may worsen.

From then towards the end of the month some natives may have a tendency to get lost in negative or coercive patterns of thinking. Try to ward off pessimistic environments and people who energetically suck your liveliness off you.

Gemini love horoscope for April

The conjunction between Pluto and Jupiter, the governor of the partnership and marriage, in your eight house, at the start of the month, pushes you towards healthier choices in your romantic relationships.

This could mean it is necessary to give up certain types of behavior, attachments and fears that until now have not led you to anything good, but only to a hectic love life, sprinkled with infidelities, secrets and complications.

If you are married, you must take advantage of this period to bring up more sensitive or painful topics in your couple's life. In any case, it seems that some unpleasant issues will come to light, but in this way you have the opportunity to relaunch your relationship, if you want to continue it, or make it clear and prepare for something else, healthier.

Venus also enters the sign of Gemini itself, which gives you a lot of personal charm and seduction power, but you probably don't rush into relationships just like that, for the love of art and for the sake of flirtation.

For some Gemini, it may be a time when they enter a deeper, transformative relational stage, a stage that will help them discover themselves or the deeper meanings of sexuality, intimacy, emotional closeness.

At work you can get into passionate, intense relationships, or emotional disturbances that can make your life difficult, if you are not careful.

Single Geminis are not content with superficial relationships, but are looking for deeper relationships.

Career and finances

The natives of this sign are happy for a long time after they suffered from a person whose actions may have had an impact on their professional life.

This month is all about working with like minded individuals and not letting any superficial woes or competition impact on the results of work.

Around the third week it is important to be cautious about the intention of a person you don’t know much about but do not dismiss anyone just yet.

The Gemini natives are very focused on work and want nothing more than to climb higher in their career. I know they have the chance to assert themselves if they are more dedicated to the service and that is why they are willing to make this sacrifice.

It is possible that the results will be seen precisely towards the end of spring, so they still have work to do.

Health status

You are entering a period where, with specialized help, you can abandon a defect or take part in a detoxification program, to treat addictions, whether they are of a physical nature or just emotional.

It is no secret that you are, for some time, in a process of profound transformation, a process that involves painful explorations and detachments from certain people, situations, places, directions.

You benefit from all the support of those around you, but without your sustained effort you will not be able to see the results you are after, so consider yourself warned.

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