Gemini August 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-07-26, 3182 views

The first few days of August will bring a lot of excitement in your life and you surely won’t have time to get bored. And to increase the stake of what I am saying, just imagine that no moment will look the same as the ones before.

Of course that all this agitation should have important reasons and well leveled participants. These will probably come in the form of your friends, either that you go on holiday with them or spend a few days of mischief at home.

Interesting to see whether you will be able to involve your partner as well in your plans as you don’t seem too keen to mix these areas of your lives. Perhaps you don’t want to be judged by them for the childish behavior you are about to exhibit with your friends.

Dealing with tension

In any case, this ensures that you start this month full on as what follows next requires you to be in great humor and ready for work. Some natives might be lucky and dodge this bullet entirely because they are on holiday while others will have to confront this disposition and get to work.

It seems that the atmosphere is quite tense in the office and you might have to deal with tight targets and deadlines. Also, in order to avoid misunderstandings, you will have to find a way to be firm and straightforward but without appearing insensitive.

Work will be a battlefield of egos because your coworkers might have their own plans and you will have to be very creative to get them to work together.

There is also news at the end of all this because it seems that the second half of the month will bring with it some rewards for what you did during this time.

How about at home

Having your hands full at work doesn’t mean you get a pass at home and it seems that around the 12th, things are tense there as well.

You may be able to fix that easily, thank to Venus, and you just need not to forget to run your errands and do whatever you promised you would do.

What might also happen is others from your family trying to prey on you for always being at work and trying to manipulate or blackmail you into helping them. It is up to you to what extent you let them.

But don’t forget that if you ignore all that you will be a lot more productive in less time. Also, the most important word of caution for you this August is not to let anyone interfere between you and your partner. Although things might be tense, there is no need for others to feed into this fire.

Being proud of yourself

A bit of melancholia will also add to the mix but this will actually motivate you and help you carry on. It is nice sometimes to remember the good times and strive to make things good again or even better.

What also happens around the 20th is that you will try to make a bit of a lineup of what you did lately and you will probably be quite critical about yourself. Of course there will be other matters in regard to which you will probably congratulate yourself.

This is a good moment for intellectual endeavors and for learning so whomever has to do something in this area will be benefited.

Official examinations and things with high stakes in your life are to be passed smoothly by most natives but this news is no reason to let the guard down. This whole disposition still required real effort from your side in order to come to completion.

Making room for yourself

The end of the month finds you in complete need to be on your own, relax and retreat. This is why you won’t bother with anyone’s problems, no mater what impression you leave.

To some extent, you should be enjoying this pass at selfishness, just make sure you don’t overreact, especially when it comes to people from your immediate family.

This will also be a poignant matter of listening to your instincts and doing what you feel it is best for you. Even if this means dealing with some criticism later on.

The lucky natives will be able to superimpose a few days off during this period and might actually be on holiday, temporarily away from the other world of worries.

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