Gemini August 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-07-22, 5193 views

Whilst summer may be nearing its end, your dreams are just starting to bloom, and the heavenly dispositions of August may ensure some progress. Be careful however in whom you trust and don’t let anyone drag your motivation levels down.

During the first half of the month, as you are just finding your feet, you may be too emotional when criticised, so it is best to avoid such situations. There is a balance to be achieved here though because you don’t want to break yourself completely from reality either.

This is a promising month for defining expectations in your relationship, although you and your loved one may not also put them in practice straight away. You need to catch this wave of openness however, because this doesn’t really happen that often.

At the end of the day, however, it will all be about how good you feel with yourself and this month is one in which introspection is favoured and some interesting revelations may come out of such regular practice.


Enhance! You shouldn’t forget about your talents either, so take your time to practice a hobby that relaxes you or to put your best forward at work. This is a great month to try new things, especially if the demands at work are more complex given that some people may be on holiday.

Never say never

During the first week of August, there are very little chances for something to occur to drag you down mentally and emotionally and this is not because you are so lucky that nothing wrong could ever occur but because you are confident and tackle everything with objectivity and a can-do attitude.

This will be particularly useful for your professional life but should you wish to know who influences you in being like this and who should you thank for the stress free week, then it is the Sun square Jupiter disposition occurring the 6th that is responsible of all of this.

On the other hand, you may struggle with how many experiences you want to live and how many things you want to amass during this period.


Watch out! The word of advice is to be cautious with your finances because any unwise exuberance or excessive behaviour may put a dent in your finances, one that shouldn’t be occurring at this point.

The Sun conjunct Mercury aspect debuting on the 8th will facilitate the way you communicate and will make you a lot more creative. Obviously, no one can deny how much you love conversations with all sort of people but what would you say if you are actually able to analyse them as they occur.

There may be some interesting conclusions that you will be able to draw out from these interactions, some that may help you in your professional life and others that have to do with your love life. It’s all very open as to how far you can reach and don’t feel in any way that what you are doing is not right.

The fact that you understand people’s deepest desires and then try to work based on them doesn’t necessarily mean that you manipulate them.


Astrological aspect of the month: The Solar Eclipse on August 11 powers your life in ways you wouldn’t even suspect, most likely having to do with self-confidence, which is at the core of what you accomplish this month.

Emotions standing in your way

Old flames may be re-enacted as the second half of the month makes its way into your life and the Mercury sextile Venus aspect occurring on the 18th will probably make you very sociable and quick to answer to any challenges of this kind.

This is an aspect that wishes for harmony in people’s lives so this is why you may feel that the decisions you are making these days are all in favour of a comfortable life. You might want to be careful though, not to get drunk on the sweet words of someone who may have cheated you in the past.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t listen to what people have to say or hurry into re-burning some bridges, it’s just that you need to look beyond momentarily emotions.


TOP TIP of the month: You may want to spend a little bit more time with your friends and perhaps witness their latest efforts. You will be surprised by what you can learn from their experience, even if some things may not make sense at first.

As we are getting closer to the end of the month, there are still two very important aspects that may influence your decision making and how affected you are by what happens in your life.

On the 23rd the Sun trines Saturn and on the 25th the Sun moves to trine Uranus. These are both auspicious moments for small positive decisions in your life and will help you overcome any fear of change you may be experiencing.

Some natives may stall these because they are also fearing further responsibilities, but it appears that whatever situation you are in, will be rather clear in terms of the expectations and the type of commitment that is required from you, should you want to proceed.

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