Gemini August 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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Practice wisdom and kindness towards yourself this August and make sure you don’t start any more new projects until you finish with those you have already going on.

You are very active and easily excitable and probably feel like you can save the world but it is best to take it step by step or else you risk becoming overwhelmed with everything, or worse, burn out entirely.

Around the middle of the month, your mental agitation will reach its peak and you will feel this need for some imminent and major change in your life. Some natives can do more than others about these impulses.

Be careful about changes at work or in your family dynamic, because you might end up regretting something you have not thought well through.

Design for the long-term and invest for even the longer term because during the second half of August the stars will be on the side of those who plan ahead and who are responsible about sharing their resources and building the foundations of a wealthy future.

August is full of positive energy in all areas. Everything that Gemini touches seems to flourish. This can be successfully used especially if you are trying to help others. But don’t let all this get to your head and be replaced by selfishness or superficiality, because the luck will likely run out.

August highlights

The first week of the month you will be deep in work and solving all sort of complex problems. You are boasting with a can-do attitude and no one will stop you.

You may feel a little lonely and misunderstood but this will not likely impact on your mood. You are happy to be of service and will do whatever it is asked of you at work.

Around the 10th, you may be faced with some internal battle between some personal desires of yours and what you can actually achieve.

Be careful about any negotiations you will participate in and make sure you are happy with whatever you get to sign. After the 16th be mindful of what you are blurting out because you might have some moments in which you will be a lot more honest than some people can actually take from you.

Spend as much time with your family as possible from the 24th onwards, until the end of the month because you will have a great time with them and will also be able to avert any sources of tension from building up.

Gemini love horoscope for August 2019

It appears that you are going to be quite straightforward when it comes to love matters this August, not only because Mercury is in direct motion but also because you tend to be very interested in making things happen.

With Jupiter also throwing some good luck in your direction from the 11th onwards, be sure that things could get heated, especially if you are single this summer.

Be careful, however, at the balance you should be creating between work and love life because the demands might be greater than you would expect.

Some natives might go on a little adventure with their loved ones but this occasion should not be used to clarify any lingering tensions but rather to create new memories.

The Mercury Jupiter trine occurring around the 21st will favour coupling up and everyone will seem a lot more open to getting to know other people.

However, not everyone will have the most serious intentions in mind so do expect some disappointment too, if you put yourself out there, because some of those love affairs might not move past the flirty phase.

Career progress this month

Although demanding and stressful, this August, work is on the path of efficiency and profitability. Mars crosses Gemini's home in a direct and determined way, bringing exemplary mobilization, much energy, initiative and action.

You might come across a great deal of work, short terms, emergencies, challenges and various small incidents, but it appears that you are very well supported by the other planets, so you will end up taking the right decisions.

Throughout the month, but especially during the last week, your work will also be well paid because the stars will bring on your path fruitful contracts and collaborations.

From a purely financial point of view, this August revenue increases, but you have some sort of investment ideas, purchases or other ways to spend your money so will not really be the one saving it.

But this is not a bad thing if you are comfortable with your decisions and don’t end up taking any big risks.

Health and wellbeing

Although it does not seem like a very lucky August for you socially, with perseverance and a lot of effort, there is a good chance to progress and reach your goals, especially if this means being surrounded by important people.

During the second half of the month, try to keep your patience and pay more attention to health. It looks like you will not enjoy too much support from your family, because yours will not be near you when you need it.

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